2020 Halloween Cleanup Guide

October 30, 2020

Every year millions of Americans go out to celebrate Halloween. Most of this is good clean fun, but in all of the hustle of Halloween you might end up with more tricks than treats. Toilet paper in the trees, eggs dripping, chocolate in the carpet along with wax drippings. There’s no reason to get spooked about these things. They can be cleaned up.

TP In The Trees

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When your house gets TP’d it might be harmless while it is dry, but when it gets wet if falls apart and can be difficult to remove. If it is wet, let it dry and come back with a leaf blower and remove the tissue as it falls to the ground.

Egging The House

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Eggs are no good for the exterior of your building and especially not good for the paint on your car. The yokes can stain and the shell shards can scratch the exterior paint. Once you notice the eggs, get the hose out and spray it with your garden hose above the mess to let it slide down the surface. Use a brush to scrub any leftovers with warm soap and water.

Chocolate Lovers Mess

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Everyone loves chocolate during Halloween. One of the worst things about chocolate is how quickly it melts and grinds into the carpet fibers or cracks in your floor. Once it hardens, it is very difficult to remove.

Get a mix of dish soap and warm water, use a microfiber cloth to dab at the stain repeatedly until it disappears. Use a sponge to clean with cold water and let air dry.

Sticky Icky Gum

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When was the last time you stepped in gum on the street? At the end of the night’s candy count you just might find a stick treat on your floor or carpet. Don’t fret, one of the easiest ways to remove gum is to freeze it. Get an ice-cube and apply until the gum is hard, then lift off in one piece. If not, reapply the ice until the gum has hardened and scrape away.

Rotten or Smashed Pumpkins

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Pumkin carvings are traditional elements of Halloween. Once we get them carved and set outside, we often forget about them. They become moldy and stain as it decomposes. To remove those stains, get a dampened microfiber cloth with warm water and rub a little toothpaste on the stain. This will slowly lift the stain and leave the surface clean and clear.

Melted Wax

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Wax is another item from Halloween that leaves a hard to remove mess like gum. If wax drips on wood in your home, get a hair dryer and melt it and wipe away. Any remaining residue from the wax can be cleaned with vinegar and water. Wax on carpet or table clothes can be removed with a knife for the bulk pieces. Then get a damp paper towel and place an iron on it to heat the wax underneath. This low heat will melt the wax and the paper towel will soak up as it melts.

We hope that you have a safe and happy Halloween this year!

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