4 Residential Cleaning Tips: Carpet Cleaning for Pet Owners

September 2, 2018

As a pet owner, your carpets can get dirty quickly and easily. Let’s face it; we love our pets. When you are a pet owner, they are not just a pet to you. They are part of your family. Our dog is part of the family for our kids. Along with adding a cat or dog to your home comes all of the pet dander and dirt that they track in on a regular basis. Here are some residential carpet cleaning tips to keep your carpets clean with all of the pets in your home.

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1. Vacuum on a regular basis

Don’t vacuum once a month. I know it sounds silly, but vacuuming the house is one of the last things that we think about each day. Cleaning your house weekly or daily if needed will prevent dirt and grime from getting embedded into your carpets. Determine how heavy the traffic is in and out of your house and choose the right schedule to keep the dirt at bay.


2. Don’t let the stains set in

There are going to accidents in your home; it is just a fact of life. The important thing is to clean up the stains immediately. Don’t let the stains set in. Get some paper towels and blot up the liquid. Try not to press the liquid into the carpet, that will make it harder to get out of the carpet after it has absorbed into the fibers. If it is a solid stain, get a spackling tool and scrape up the solid material “like poop” with the putty knife, while trying not to press it deeper into the fibers. After removing the stain, dry using a hand shampooer to extract all of the stains and prevent the pet from going there again.


3. Groom your pet regularly

Your pet is like a person; you have to comb your hair on a regular basis and get a hair cut once a month. The more you groom your pet, the less likely you are going to have pet dander in the carpet. If you have a long-haired dog or cat, groom them monthly to keep the loose hair at a minimum. If they are short hair, then you will not have to groom them as often. By grooming on a regular basis, you reduce the amount of pet hair embedded in the carpet and keep your pet’s coat looking great.


4. Place area rugs proactively

Your pet will look for a place to lie down in your house. They want a nice rug to lay on or a pet bed. You can get a couple pet beds and train them to lie down on those only, but good luck with that. Get some area rugs “throw rugs” and place them in spots that your pet lies down on a regular basis. This will reduce the amount of dirt and dander that gets embedded into the main carpeting.

By taking some proactive measures with your pets, you will keep your carpets cleaner and extend the life of them. Keeping them clean on a regular basis will not wear them down, it will prolong the life of the carpet because you are removing all of the debris that will wear down the fibers. Don’t forget to do a deep cleaning a couple times per year, this will revitalize your carpets to a new-like state, further extending the life of them.

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