5 Amazing Cleaning Secrets to Steal from Hotel Maids

April 28, 2022

Have you ever wondered how the professional cleaners get everything looking so great. Hotel maids spend every day cleaning each room to the level of white glove cleaning. If anyone knows a thing or two about cleaning that we can learn from, it is the hard working people in the hotel industry. They know how to clean quickly and efficiently to white glove standards. Here are five amazing cleaning secrets that you can use to clean your home.

cleaning secrets

1 Clear mess first

A good hotel housekeep will clear the clutter in a room first. You should start with as much of a blank slate as you possibly can. Remove the trash, the linens, towels and anything else left behind in the room. Move to the bathroom next and clear the bathmats, bottles, towels and everything on the counters and near the toilet. By removing the mess first, you make it easier to clean the area and then put things back after the floors and surfaces are dry.

cleanin gsecrets microfiber cloths

2 Get a microfiber cloth

The secret to an efficient dusting is having the right cloth to clean with. Don’t use paper towels, a good microfiber cloth is the best thing to use. If you do not have a microfiber cloth handy, then get a rag that is made of 100% cotton. Dampen the cloth slightly, don’t use polyester or terrycloth materials, they will create more dust than remove.

cleaning secrets make the bed

3 Quickly make the bed

Making the bed can be a huge time waster. Especially when the bed is larger than a twin. It always seems like a challenge to find which way the sheet will fit on the bed. The trick here that the professional maids us is to be aware of the tags on the sheet. The tags always go on the bottom. With larger sheets like king or queen sheets, use a fabric market to denote left and right corners. This way you know the next time you make the bed, where to start with the sheet.

cleaning secrets mop the floor

4 Mop the floor last

When you are cleaning any room, the last thing you want to do is to spread dirt around or kick up more dust in the area you already cleaned. A hotel maid always starts with vacuuming or sweeping first before you mop the floors. You do not want dirt, hair or dust settling on the wet floor just after you have mopped. When you do get to the mopping, mop your way to the door. If you mop the other way (away from the door), then you end up walking across your wet floor leaving marks on your clean floor.

cleaning secrets vacuum the floor first with performance janitorial

5 Vacuum the floor twice

Some of us vacuum the floor by starting anywhere in the room and working around the room. Other start at the far end and work towards the door. Here is how the professional maid would vacuum a room. Start at the doorway and vacuum into the room so you go over the high traffic areas and then vacuum yourself out of the room. Why do it twice? Doing it this way you get the high traffic areas twice and get them clean.

So the next time you go to clean your home. Stop and think about how the pros clean. These are just a few tips that the pros use to clean faster and more thoroughly.

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