5 Commercial Cleaning Tips to Improve a Customers’ Restroom Experience

October 13, 2015

One of the most important spaces in your business that is often overlooked is the restroom. Consumers today have more choices than ever when in public where they can do business and the research shows that customers do not want a dirty bathroom.

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In fact, the Harris Poll conducted by Cintas Corporation found that consumers would rate these businesses negatively if they had a dirty bathroom.

  • Restaurants 75%
  • Hotel 70%
  • Doctor’s office 68%
  • Hospital 67%
  • Hair/Nail Salon 56%

What this study shows is that consumers are affected by a dirty restroom and won’t patronage your business after a bad restroom experience. That is a loss in revenue that can have a tremendous impact on your bottom line. Here are five commercial cleaning tips on how to improve your customers’ restroom experience.


1. Train your employees to keep it clean

If you are a business like a restaurant or a convenience store, then you have experienced a few busy times with the restroom. It can be challenging in keeping it clean during the day when the cleaning crew is not there. Don’t wait for the end of the day to do a restroom checkup. Train your employees to be on a regular schedule to do a checkup and tidy things up in the restroom. The goal is: At any time in the day, you should be able to walk into the bathroom and see a super clean environment.


2. Have the right tools

One of the challenges for your staff in keeping the restroom clean will be “having the right tools.” Having the right cleaning caddy, the right cleaners (chemicals) and the right cleaning process will give them a path to success.

  • Get cleaning caddy for the environment that are working in
  • Stock the proper chemicals for them to clean with
  • Stock some microfibers cloths and spray bottles to clean with
  • Set a schedule of when to clean during the day
  • Color code your cleaning supplies for what area of the bathroom you need to clean


3. Control your odors

There is nothing worse than walking into a restroom that is foul smelling. It does not matter how clean the bathroom is when your customers smell that, they will immediately think it is dirty. Install and keep up an odor controlling fragrance dispenser. Another way to control the smell is to convert your bathroom to a touchless bathroom. A touchless bathroom will have toilets and urinals that auto-flush upon the patron leaving.


4. Use quality products

When you are setting up the environment in your restroom, think about the quality of soaps and paper towels that you use there. Remember that you are trying to create a great experience and even the quality of soap and paper towels will affect your consumers.


5. Set the ambiance (stand out)

Make your restroom stand out from your competitors by adding in things like ambiance music, change the colors of the walls, add some personal touches (accessories). Some businesses have taken it to the extreme to adding small tvs above the urinals. Other have added large framed pictures and played live radio in the restrooms. Find what your customers like and add your unique touch to create an excellent restroom experience.

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