Top 5 Office Cleaning Checklists You Need

August 19, 2022

If you run a professional office, you want to ensure that your office cleaning is done the way that professional office cleaning services would clean. You also want to ensure that your staff have an enjoyable and healthy work environment that keeps morale high.

To do this, your office cleaning staff needs to make sure that your cleaning practices are consistent and regular. To ensure consistent office cleaning, you need a checklist for cleaning tasks. These checklists below can be part of your daily cleaning and your cleaning method for maintaining a sparkling office.

Commercial Cleaning Office Checklist For Your Cubicle

  • Clean your computer screens with a special monitor cleaner
  • Empty the trash cans and replace liners
  • Vacuum the floors around your cubicle
  • Use a disinfectant to clean surfaces that people touch like lamps, keyboards, fax machines, etc.
  • Dusting the shelves, and other surfaces
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Commercial Cleaning Checklist For Office Kitchens and Break Rooms

The office kitchen and office break room in an office get a lot of use. Here are some office cleaning tips that cleaning experts use.

  • Discard any food wrappers, leftover food, and perishables that people have left behind
  • Clean utensils, wipe down surfaces that are dirty around the sink and counter
  • Clean out the office refrigerator and organize the shelves, check with employees before discarding old food
  • Clean other areas like the coffee pots and discard old coffee grounds
  • Clean appliances like toasters or microwaves
  • Create a daily checklist that your team can follow
  • Check the office water cooler and make sure the water is filled
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Office Cleaning Checklist For Cleaning Reception and Waiting Areas

Most offices have a front office area or waiting area that welcomes guests. You want to make sure that the first impression you leave for your offices and business is a great one. Welcome mats are a good way to make someone feel welcome when they first enter. Here are some cleaning steps to help your guests feel welcome to your company.

  • Clean and organize your office welcome desk and office waiting area
  • Dust the desks, hard surfaces, and waiting room tables and empty the trash
  • Replenish water cups, coffee, tea and any other amenities for your guests
  • Clean and disinfect surfaces that your guests touch like trash, doors, windows, bathrooms
  • Hire professional office cleaners to clean your carpets. If they are in really bad shape, carpet restoration as a cleaning service is a good way to get that original look back. Your carpets can use carpet restoration services for your business every six months.

Office Cleaning Services For Your Office Bathrooms

Here are a few details about cleaning office bathrooms in your office building that you should do on a regular basis. Floor cleaning and glass cleaning services are an important part of cleaning your office bathroom. Here is the checklist that professionals for office cleaning:

  • Clean and disinfect the toilets using a disinfectant
  • Clean and disinfect the sinks using a disinfectant
  • Sweep or vacuum the floors to remove debris
  • Mop the office bathroom floors with a cleaner and disinfectant
  • Replate the empty toilet paper rolls and paper towels in the dispenser
  • Clean the glass with a glass cleaner to remove smudge marks and water splashes
  • Check to make sure that all of the hand dryers and paper towel dispensers are working and are fully stocked
  • Make sure all surfaces in your bathroom are tidy and clean and the trash is empty
  • Make sure to dust in this room up high lamps, above doorways, and partitions
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Office Cleaning Services Checklist For Cleaning The Outside Of Your Office

Every building has an exterior, but not all buildings have an area that is for employees. If you do, this is the time to clean that too. This also might be the right time to hire professionals to clean around your building. Many businesses hire professionaln cleaning services or landscaping companies to do the landscaping and clean-up around their business. If you are the one to clean, here is your checklist:

  • Sweep any leaves, remove branches that have fallen and sweep the debris
  • Make sure welcome mats are clean and present for your business customers
  • Clean glass doors inside and out to make sure they are streak free
  • Trim back branches around your business. These tend to overgrow and get in the way of sidewalks, walkways and doors
  • Check your parking lot. This is the first impression for your customers. Don’t leave equipment out in plain view. Check all service spaces and search for debris that has been left behind by visitors or storms

There are a lot of items on our checklists to clean, and they require a lot of supplies to accomplish. If your team is small or you don’t have a team of cleaners, you should contact a professional cleaning service to help you maintain your business. Each surface and location you need to clean has limited time, resources, and space to accomplish the job. Each position is important in your company, and the position for janitorial services is important. Don’t let your lobby get messy by not vacuuming. Our office cleaning crew has years of experience, training to do an amazing job each and every time. We look forward to taking care of your space, conference rooms, bathrooms, and entryways in your zip code.

We help professional office customers in the following zip codes, Hanover, Woodstock, Lebanon, White River Junction, Lyme, and many more. At the end of the day, having all the supplies and equipment you need to keep your office building clean and healthy is important. To complete the following checklists, consider hiring a commercial office cleaning company to help you with your janitorial needs. Our professional staff go through extensive background checks and training before they start working with customers in office buildings. We hire direct employees and do not subcontract our cleaning services out to other companies. When you get janitorial services from us, you get a team of experts. We look forward to working with you on keeping your office building clean and healthy.

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