5 Signs Your Corporate Cleaning Hanover NH is Not Doing a Good Job!

October 15, 2023

When you first hire a corporate cleaner, you set the goals together with that company and expect them to fulfill all of those goals on a regular basis. Over time, you may begin to question the quality of the cleaning service. You may even get to the point that you feel frustrated by the quality that they promised you based on the mutual goals that you set together. What can you do about it at this point? The last thing that you want to do is ignore the issues. Here are five signs that you can look for to tell you if you need to make a change to a new cleaning company in the Hanover, NH region.

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1. How much time are they on the job?

One of the ways to tell if your corporate cleaning Hanover NH company is cutting corners is to validate the amount time that they spent in your building. As business owners and managers, we want to believe that the cleaning service is doing a good job and spending the right amount of time on the job. The reality is that they can not work at the speed of light. If they are in and out of your office to fast then, they are not working to the quality standards that you want.


2. Is there regular communication?

When you hire a corporate cleaning company, one of the elements that are important is constant communication. A good cleaning company will follow up with you once a week or every other week to ensure the service is being performed to the desired expectations. If they are not calling you to find out what is working great and where the problem areas are, then it might be a sign of poor customer service.


3. Is it still dirty?

When you walk through the building are there still trash cans that are full of garbage? Is the kitchen area still dirty? Or do you still have dust on your desk or the shelves in your office? Look for the small things like dirt under the desk, or a paper-clip on the ground near your desk.


4. Do they have the right tools?

Based on the goals that you set with your cleaning company each team member should have all of the necessary tools that they need to complete the job upon arrival. If you find that they are leaving items uncleaned or leaving the building to frequently, this may be a sign that they are not arriving prepared with the right tools. This can lead to wasted time and possible overbilling. Check with the manager of your office to make sure they are properly equipped and on task for your office cleaning.


5. Are things missing?

This is the last thing that any good cleaning company wants to find out about from a customer. This is also one of the most important areas that we want to cover. A good cleaning company will have already done background checks and cleared their employees. Even with the best precautions taken theft is does happen at times. If you begin to notice missing or damaged items in your office after the cleaning service has left, you should immediately contact the manager and consider looking for a new cleaning service.


Before you get started with a cleaning company, sit down with the manager and set all of the expectations ahead of time. Then sign the contract knowing what is going to be done on a regular basis and how many hours each week you will be billed. A good cleaning company is going to have transparency, dependability and trustworthiness in working with you as their customer.

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