5 Tips to Save Money on Skilled Nursing Facility Cleaning Costs

February 6, 2022

Owning or managing a skilled nursing facility is a huge responsibility that demands many skills and expertise ~ one of which is being able to create and sustain a viable and effective budget. From staffing and training to inventory, marketing, and resident activities, each component of your budget is equally important to the overall success of your business. While your cleaning costs are certainly an integral part of your daily budget, there are ways to cut costs without compromising quality. Here’s how:

Nursing Facility Cleaning

Outsource to Commercial Cleaning Company

Securing the professional services of a commercial cleaning company that caters to and specializes in nursing home facilities will not only save expenses but also ensure the work is consistently done according to industry standards.  A full-time salary, health benefits, vacations, paid sick days, and employee turnover is all overhead expenses you can avoid by hiring an outside commercial cleaning company that can meet all your requirements at a much lower cost than permanent staff. Commercial cleaning companies provide trained personnel who are experienced in using equipment and chemicals that help to eliminate the spread of disease and germs.

Supplement Professional Cleaners with Part-time Staff

Although a commercial cleaning company is the most practical, cost-effective, and logical choice to keep your nursing facility spic and span, it also makes sense to supplement their services with low-cost, part-time workers. For instance, if your facility has overnight patients, a part-time worker on the night shift can take care of sanitizing toilet facilities and common use areas without having to wait for the professional staff to arrive to do it.

Nursing Facility Cleaning

Concentrate on Germ-infested Areas

It is important for all areas of your nursing facility to be disease-free, concentrating on the most problematic areas will keep infections and illness at bay. The kitchen is one of the biggest problems because eventually everyone is going to ingest the food that comes from this breeding ground for bacteria. Make sure your staff is well trained on proper food and chemical storage, as well as the sanitation of all sinks, sponges, cleaning materials, pots, pans, and dishes. Schedule regular wipe downs of the public lavatories to reduce the possibility of disease.

Other community areas are especially troubling and need thorough sanitizing several times a day. A quick wipe down of door handles, water fountains, and countertops with a disinfectant will go a long way toward keeping diseases in check at very little cost to your business.

Training, Training and More Training

While a professional cleaning service specializing in skilled nursing facility cleaning will most assuredly cut your cleaning costs, an effective staff training program is necessary to keep the nursing facility as sanitary as possible. Make sure your employees know to frequently wash their hands and use new sterile gloves with each patient. The use of masks, eye protection, and gowns create a barrier to disease that is far less expensive than dealing with a major outbreak. Proper cleaning and disinfecting techniques help stop infection in its tracks.

Keep Employees Healthy

We understand that you want to keep the patients in your nursing facility protected from disease and infection, it’s imperative to also consider your employees. Everyone from the administrator to the nurses is at higher risk for disease simply due to the nature of your business. Along with the sick people in your facility, visitors bring in common bugs and viruses that are easily passed throughout the building.

Partnering with Performance Janitorial to maintain the cleanliness of your facility on a regular basis will help your business to run smoother (with less employee absences) while saving you money. We can help you to maintain a proper cleaning schedule to reduce illness and improve appearances.

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