7 Keys to Hiring an Upper Valley Commercial Cleaning Company

May 25, 2018

Shopping for an Upper Valley commercial cleaning company is not hard, if you’re armed with some key tools on how to choose the best cleaning company for your business.

Here are 7 essential keys to hiring that will give you peace of mind and get the job done.

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Key 1) Your Connection with the Company Owner

It may seem odd to list this key as the most important. But consider this: What if something goes wrong? And what if, when you call your cleaning company, you either get some front desk person or worse, voice mail.

Test this out: Call a few local commercial cleaning companies and say that you want to speak to an owner. With that “scouting” conversation, you’ll quickly get a feel for the owner’s competence. An incompetent owner equals an incompetent business.


Key 2) Core Competencies

Check out your company of choice by first going to their website. An Upper Valley Cleaning Company can range in size from one person to a multi-staff operation.

Bigger doesn’t always mean better, but if the company is managed correctly, having multiple employees should be the company’s ability to triage roles. Such a larger company will be able to handle any cleaning task without guesswork.


Key 3) Scalability

What if, for example, you only want to hire the company to clean your office? But then, later on, you decide you want your storage area cleaned, or your company kitchen, or your floors waxed. If the company you chose can scale, your solution is only a phone call away, and you won’t have to hire someone new.


Key 4) Equipment

On your inquiry call, after you share your needs, find out how the company is going to address them. Again, commercial cleaning companies in the Upper Valley vary in size. If you need carpets cleaned, and your cleaning company lacks a good carpet machine, you’re probably not going to stay with that company.


Key 5) Sanitation

It’s a given that a cleaner should glove up, so the worker doesn’t become infected or spread an infection, but what about the surfaces that are being cleaned?

A commercial cleaning company that means business will have an ATP ( tester on hand. The ATP tester measures pathogens on a surface. There’s no other way to know if a surface has been sanitized without testing for the residual presence of germs.

If the company knows how to test, you can be sure they know how to sanitize—and go way beyond the Windex and paper towel process that other companies may use.


Key 6) Expertise and Experience

Companies who have been in business for a few years and are growing, probably are growing for a reason. There’s not much that can take the place of peace of mind. Being able to sign up, and then entrust a company to clean your facility without you having to worry, goes a long way.

Check them out. See how long they’ve been around. A new company may be a little less costly, but you can’t be sure of the job they’ll do or even how long they’ll remain in business.


Key 7) Pay a Visit to Their Place of Business

If you’re still trying to decide whom to hire at this point, go to their physical location. This takes all the guesswork out of your process. Once you’re there, you’ll be able to see their space, see how clean it is, see how organized they are, and see some of their equipment. See how well you’re received. If the company welcomes you and is proud of their facility, chances are they’ll be proud of the work they’ll do for you.

Key take-a-ways for this article:

  • Relationships are very important. You can get a feel of a company’s integrity just by talking to them.
  • You’re going to be looking for capability and experience. If the company says, “We can do that even though we’ve never done it before,” walk away.
  • Nothing takes the place of either dealing with the owner of the company or making a site visit.
  • If a company seems too “hard sell,” that is a bad sign. They should be positioned to answer your questions and empower you to decide what you want.

Performance Janitorial Cleaning Services

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