7 Signs You Need Carpet Restoration

June 29, 2022

Carpet cleaning or carpet restoration? When was the last time you showed your area rug or the carpets in your home or office some love? Sweeping and vacuuming are good and is helpful on the day-to-day dirt that gets tracked into your home or office. To truly preserve your rugs or carpets for years to come, they should be deep cleaned each year. After all, your carpets are susceptible to dirt, grime, oils and debris, bugs and light. Yes, light can damage the fibers in your carpets.

Common Problems Found On Area Rugs and Carpets

Living habits, household size and type of fibers are just some of the factors into the health of your area rugs and carpets. Problems often found are structural damage, dye problems, insect damage and grime. Here are further common problems that can appear on your carpets.

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1 Dry Rot
This happens when the foundation of the rug and yarn fibers become brittle and begin to breakdown. If you are seeing dry to, it is often irreversible. Dry rot is caused by too much moisture. This often happens when you have a spill that doesn’t get cleaned up or you used a DIY shampooer and didn’t get all the moisture out of the carpet.

2 Dye Migration
This happens when one color runs into another color in your area rug or carpet. Dye colors can be transferred over carpet fibers caused by moisture.

3 Excessive Water
One of the main problems with carpet cleaning is not extracting the water used to deep clean your carpets. Excessive water leads to dry rot destroying the carpet fibers in your carpets. When having your carpet professionally cleaned, make sure that your carpets are not just dry on top, but deep down in the carpet fibers. This only happens when you have a high-powered extraction machine and carpet blowers to circulate air, preventing moisture retention in your carpets.

4 Fading
How much of your carpet is in direct sunlight? Fading is a gradual irreversible color intensity loss usually due to direct sunlight exposure on your carpet. Direct sunlight exposure causes oxidizing gases like ozone, and outside agents like bleach can cause fading. To help reduce the effects of fading, rotate your carpets regularly to maintain a uniform appearance.

5 Fringe Damage
Fringe damage happens to area rugs over time. High-traffic areas for area carpets damages the edges. Pets, vacuuming can cause damage too. Fringe damage is damage to the outside edge of your area rug that pulls fibers away leaving gabs in the edge that are clearly visible.

6 Odors
Odors can occur from food spills, pet accidents, topical cleaners that don’t get removed properly and more. Odors happen when stains don’t get taken care of or don’t get cleaned properly. Smelly area rugs or carpets are the last thing you want in your office.

7 Soil & Filtration
This happens when dust, dirt, or “soil” gets left on the top of your carpet for a long period of time. These “soils” get into the fibers of your carpet and damage them. This can leave your carpet permanently damaged if not correctly by a professional.

What Can You Do About It?

Performance Janitorial Cleaning Services

There are two answers to this question. One, you can hire a professional cleaning service. Two, you can DIY and rent or buy your own carpet cleaning machine. Here are some comparisons.

Performance Janitorial Cleaning Services

While buying your own carpet cleaning machine is helpful for small spills and pet cleanups, they don’t effectively clean your carpets deep into the fibers and remove the water properly. Carpet rental machines do a better job, but they are only partially effective in cleaning your carpet and they don’t do a good job in sucking the water back up. This leaves excessive water in your carpet and that leads to damaged fibers and dry rot. The best method is hiring a professional carpet cleaning company. Carpet cleaning companies use truck mounted carpet cleaning machines that heat the water to 180 to 200 degrees and the powerful motors in these machines effectively suck the water up that is used to clean your carpets. These machines cost cleaning companies between $30,000 and $100,000 dollars for just the cleaning machine.

That cost is huge, but it guarantees great results because they geared these machines for carpet cleaning, floor and tile cleaning and upholstery cleaning. They simply get results!

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