7 Ways To Stay Healthy And Clean In The Upper Valley Workplace

December 24, 2016

Let’s face it; winter is here and with it comes cold and flu season. At some point, this winter cold or flu just may catch up with you. Here are seven ways to defend against these pests and stay healthy in the Upper Valley Workplace.

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During the winter months your indoors all the time and around a lot of people that are not sick and some that are sick. You may think that you are doomed to get sick, but one of the first things you can do to combat getting sick is move around.


1 Move Around

Regular exercise is an excellent way to stay healthy and strong to prevent sickness. Movement throughout the work day can have many positive benefits. Get a FitBit or any fitness band and set it to remind you to get up every couple hours to move your body. Regular exercise will prevent back issues, mobility and keep you healthy.


2 Water Is Life

Most cafeterias in the Upper Valley Workplace have a water cooler or water purifier. Water is one of the most important elements that our bodies need daily. You should drink 8 to 10 glasses of water each day. During the winter this is even more critical as it keeps you hydrated and helps to fight off a cold if you already got one.


3 Don’t Drink Alcohol

What? I have to limit my happy hour time? The University of Maryland did a study that showed that excessive amounts of alcohol is not good for you. It can severely weaken your immune system and combine that with hanging out with sick co-workers is a recipe for disaster.


4 Limit Your Sharing

In most cases, kindness and sharing are great things. In the workplace sharing your lunch, pen, phone or anything that is in your personal space can spread germs. Limit the amount of contact you can in your personal workspace. Germs spread quickly on many common desktop surfaces.


5 Wash Your Hands!

Yes, this is what your mother told you hundreds of times. The CDC and American Cleaning Institute reaffirm this too.  The best times to wash your hands is:

  • Before and after preparing food
  • Wash before you visit with someone sick or in the hospital. After you are done visiting wash your hands to prevent the spread of any germs you picked up.
  • Wash after using the bathroom.
  • Before you treat a scrape, cut or any open wound.
  • Wash after you blow your nose, cough or sneeze. Washing will dramatically reduce germs spreading.
  • Wash after handling animal foods or animal waste.
  • Wash after handling any trash or trash can.
  • Wash after you have been in public and touched doors and shaken hands. Washing or using hand sanitizer will reduce germs you contract in public.


6 Substitute That Coffee for Tea

Many teas have tremendous health benefits like Rooibos Tea from South Africa.

It is jammed packed with antioxidants, No caffeine, anti-inflammatory, antiviral and anti mutagenic qualities. Besides that is tastes sweet naturally and helps with allergies and many other ailments. Many teas on the market today contribute to keeping your body healthy during cold and flu season.


7 Take Your Vacation

Do you have a lot of vacation or sick time available at the end of the year? Winter is the great time of year to take a vacation somewhere warm. Wheelock Travel in Claremont, NH sees an annual spike in winter vacations for people looking to escape the snow and cold/flu season.

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