Carpet Cleaning When Moving Out Checklist: Get Your Deposit Back!

August 16, 2016

The last thing you want to do when you are moving out of one place and into another is worry about getting back your deposit. What do you clean? How clean do you have to get the apartment? Here is a carpet cleaning when moving out checklist. Follow this checklist and your should get your deposit back and be ready to move into a new place.

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Every Room

  1. Take all the thumbtacks, nails and screws our of the walls and ceiling and fill them with hole putty. You can buy this at the Home Depot. If you don’t have the time, use colgate white toothpaste on the small holes.
  2. Dust all the windows ledges, tops of windows, baseboards and tops of appliances and cabinets.
  3. Wash all the windows inside and out. If you are on a second or third story, hire a professional window cleaning company to do it for you.
  4. Clean all the light switches, outlets and light fixtures.
  5. Wipe down with a damp micro-fiber cloth all the walls and baseboards. If you have a tough spot that won’t come off the wall, get a magic eraser and dampen with water and scrub away the marks.
  6. Vacuum as a last effort. This is assuming you don’t have any stains in the carpet. If you do have (stains), don’t rental a rug doctor from your local store. They won’t get the carpet as clean as hiring a professional carpet cleaning service. These services specialize in Carpet Cleaning When Moving Out. Their truck mounted carpet cleaning systems use high pressure and super hot water mixed with enzyme cleaners to blast away the dirt.
  7. Get a ceiling duster and get all the cobwebs out of corners and in the basement if you rented a condo, townhouse or full-sized house.


The Bathroom

  1. Get a magic eraser and get all the soap scum and toothpaste build-up off the bathroom sink fixture and countertops.
  2. Use the magic eraser on the tub/shower and wipe down the whole inside of the tub/shower. If you need to get into the grout, get a small brush and start scrubbing.
  3. After you have cleaned all the drawers out, wipe them down with a damp micro-fiber cloth to remove any debris and hair.
  4. Clean the toilet inside and out. Don’t forget to get the underside of the toilet near the floor. This is one of the most commonly missed places.
  5. Spray and wipe down the mirror. Use white vinegar and water for this.
  6. Vacuum the floor and then mop your way out of the bathroom. Make sure nobody uses the bathroom after you have cleaned it.


The Kitchen

  1. Clean out all the cabinets top and bottom. Make sure everything is empty. If you don’t want a dish give it to the your local thrift store.
  2. Use a damp microfiber cloth and wipe down the insides of all the drawers and cabinets.
  3. Wash and remaining dishes and wipe the sink down. Don’t leave the steel sink and fixtures looking bad. If there are water spots, use a magic eraser to get it shiny and looking new.
  4. Scrub the inside of the refrigerator shelves and remove. Now wipe down the inside of the fridge and let dry. Put the shelves back and make sure the glass is clear and not left with a filmy look.
  5. Clean out the dishwasher if your apartment has one.
  6. Move all the appliances in your apartment and vacuum behind them. Now mop the floor to make sure it is fully clean.
  7. If you really want the fridge, stove and countertops to look amazing and be disinfected. Hire a local company that specializes in steam cleaning. This will clean and disinfect all surfaces and remove the grime deep into the surface pores.


The Bedrooms

Dust all the baseboards. Sweep the floors if they are hardwood floors and mop. If it is carpeting, vacuum your way out of the room. Make sure these rooms are spotless when you are done cleaning.


If you find this list overwhelming, consider hiring a local cleaning company. Upper Valley Cleaning specializes in carpet cleaning when moving out and whole apartment cleaning. We can save you time and money in making sure your apartment is looking great to ensure you get your deposit back.

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