Commercial Cleaning Services and the Benefits of a Touch-Free Bathroom

June 12, 2022

Commercial cleaning services are a major part of keeping your bathrooms clean and germ-free. From major airports like Heathrow, Boston-LAX are on the cutting edge of the bathroom revolution. They are all going to a touch-free restroom. Next time, you are in one, take notice to the fact that you only have to touch the doors. The urinals, toilets, sinks, and hand dryers are all touch-free. Even the soap dispensers are now technology driven and touch-free.

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These super high traffic facilities are immediately exposed to the world traveler, and these bathrooms could be a huge risk for the spread of germs. By adopting the touch-free bathroom technology, they immediately reduce that risk dramatically and extend the level of cleaning that a commercial cleaning services provide at these facilities. The benefits of touchless bathroom applications far exceed the feeling of clean and sanitary.

Sanitary toilets and more

Some of the newer technology that is being adopted are automatic toilet seat covers that spool and replace themselves providing a hands-free, sanitary way to cover the toilet seat and creates a protective barrier. By adding in this tech, they are reducing the cross-contamination and spread of germs from one person to another.

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Touch-Free Soap Dispensers

Hands-free restroom technology like the hands-free soap dispenser and automatic sinks are becoming more and more popular because of the health safety advantages. More hospitals, airports, schools and businesses are adopting this technology. Studies have shown that public restrooms at restaurants, airports and rest areas are 50% more likely to wash their hands in a touch free environment. This leads to a dramatic spread of germs in travelers and employees.

Hands-free Jet Dryers

These technological marvels have been around for a while now, but what is new in them are the hands-free sensors, so you do not have to touch them now. The high-powered air jets rapidly dry the water off your hands. The transmission of germs is more likely to occur on wet skin than from dry skin. This is one of the reasons why touch-free hand dryers are super effective at drying and keeping you germ-free.

Touchless Sanitizers

Installing touchless hand sanitizers outside restrooms help in two ways: First for those people who do not just wash their hands have another chance to reduce the spread of germs. The other is what happens after you wash your hands; you touch the door on the way out. By putting the touchless sanitizer on the outside, you will further reduce the spread of germs. This is why in hospitals you see the touchless dispensers inside the room and outside the room.

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Touchless restrooms are a growing trend and have been for more than a decade now. It will come to a point where your customers will expect it. Here are some key points to think about for the touchless bathroom in your workplace.

  1. Customers do prefer it. Studies have shown that customers prefer not to touch anything in and around the restroom. By going touch-free, you will increase your customer satisfaction.
  2. Be proactive and stop the spread of germs. This will reduce the amount of sick time that your employees have and increase productivity.
  3. Touchless systems reduce waste.
  4. Touchless systems reduce the maintenance cost, by giving the automatically dispensed appropriate amount.
  5. Hire a commercial cleaning services to sanitize your bathroom once a month, they will get the hard to reach spots that you might miss each day.

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