Commercial Cleaning Services and the Ugly Truth about your Bathroom

October 27, 2017

The bathroom is the one part of every single business that is the least considered but the most often visited part of any business. So, what does your bathroom say about your business appearance? Did you know that having an unclean bathroom can send a negative message to your customers and will turn them away.

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What are customers saying about your bathrooms? 
In a 2011 poll of restaurants the average American claimed that they would never return to a restaurant with a dirty bathroom. Yes, this is about restaurants, but applies to any business with a bathroom that is available to the public. Here is what they had to say:

  • 29% of customers would never return to a restaurant with an extremely unclean or unsanitary restroom
  • 50% of customers would tell their friends and family about a negative experience with an unclean or unsanitary restaurant restroom
  • 46% would avoid going to a restaurant because of a bad experience with a restaurant’s restroom that either they had personally or that they heard about from others.

What are your employees saying about your bathrooms?
You have a great resource in your company that can help you with your possible bathroom problem. The employees that you pay each day are a great start in finding out what is good or bad about your bathrooms. Ask be embarrassing to ask people what they think about the bathroom, but don’t assume that they don’t care. Bring it up in an office meeting or give them all an anonymous survey to fill out. These people can be your greatest asset in making the bathroom a pleasant experience.


Clean it, Clean it, Clean it again!
The bathroom is one of the dirtiest places in all of your business. Don’t skimp here! A good commercial cleaning services company won’t just spot clean, they will clean it from top to bottom. Here are the spots you need to have them clean:

  1. The toilet: Clean inside the bowl and all of the outside of the toilet.
  2. The Sink: Clean the top, in the bowl and the bottom of the sink.
  3. The Walls: Wipe down the walls near the sink and the toilet.
  4. The Mirror: Spray and clean the whole mirror.
  5. The Door: Wipe the door and the handles down on both sides.
  6. The Floors: Clean the floors thoroughly.

These are just some of the spots in the bathroom to clean on a daily, weekly and monthly basis.


Decorate it!
Take a look at your bathroom now that it is clean and see how you can improve it. Clean out anything in the bathroom that is not nailed down to start with. The next step is to determine what type of look you want your bathroom to have. The bathroom in a hospital is going to decorate differently that a bathroom in a restaurant. Find a color scheme that fits your business and your patrons.

Now get to painting the walls! Don’t forget to not go overboard with the color. Intense colors typically don’t work in the bathroom, so try to stay with a softer color like a pastel, eggshell, grays, tans. Don’t stop there though, create a color scheme. Once you have the primary color in, accent it with a bolder color.

Fix the Fixtures!
Take a close look at the fixture in your bathroom. Are your fixtures outdated? Are they old and rusty? Spend the money on nice fixtures to leave a good impression. Make sure when you get those new fixtures that they are installed to the right specs. Here is a quick guide to an ADA Compliant Restroom.


Final Touches
How can you go the extra mile with your bathroom? Add those little touches to the bathroom that you would want in your home. The types of things would be:

  • Nice hand soap
  • Air freshener that automatically dispenses
  • A quiet fan in the ceiling
  • Facial tissues
  • Art on the walls
  • Music playing in the background


Key Take-a-ways:

Don’t neglect your bathroom! Your bathroom has a huge impact on your customers.
1. Make sure the toilet paper dispenser always works and don’t skimp on the quality of paper.
2. Make sure your bathroom stall door closes properly.
3. Keep it clean! Always!
4. Replace the paper towel dispenser when it is not working properly. Prevent paper jams!
5. Don’t let the soap dispenser run out. Keep it properly filled and clean.
6. Keep your floors dry regularly.
7. Last but not least: Clean your bathroom 3-4 times a day!

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