Commercial Cleaning Services are linked to employee productivity

March 16, 2023

Most business owners and managers focus on the day-to-day operations of their company and employees. Many of those business activities include getting new customers, managing employees, HR issues, tracking and trying to keep expenses down and at the same time increase the profits of the company. There is a hidden cost that most companies do not think about. That hidden cost is employee health, illness and injury prevention. When employees are sick, this affects their ability to work directly, but also affects the whole team and how effective they can keep the well-oiled machine working. Here are five tips to increase employee productivity in your company.

commercial cleaning services

1. Setup the first line of defense

The environment that your employees work in is critical to employee morale, health, and productivity. One of the essential elements of a great workplace is a clean work environment. Set Up a cleaning regiment for your building by hiring a commercial cleaning services company. Why should you outsource? They are trained in professional cleaning techniques, but also have extensive knowledge of disinfecting “hot spots” in your building.

2. Get rid of the “hot spots”

Hotspots in your business are spots that have a substantial transference of germs from one person to another. These are the most germ-infected spots in your business. For example, You and your team are thinking of ordering in for lunch, and you take a look at the take-out menu to find what you want to eat. After handling this, you pass it on to another employee. Here is where the germs are transferred from you to them. The most common “hot spots” are:

  1. The kitchen sponge
  2. The bathroom door
  3. Elevator buttons
  4. The security card reader
  5. The conference room phone and computer
  6. The community computer keyboard and mouse

These are the “hot spots” that you should focus on and try to eliminate in your office building. By reducing or eliminating these spots, you will reduce employee sickness and increase productivity.

Commercial cleaning companies provide janitorial service(s) to you that offer disinfection, sanitization and general cleaning to identify the hot spots and other specific needs your office may need and effectively clean your workspace.

commercial cleaning services

3. How do you identify the “hot spots”

Okay, so you know that there are “hot spots” in your office, but you do not know where they are. A good commercial cleaning service company will have a neat little device that can help you identify these spots. They will come in and run an ATP test. What is ATP? Adenosine Triphosphate or ATP is a process of rapidly measuring growing microorganisms. The test measures the bacteria levels on surfaces throughout your office. By identifying these areas, they can now create a cleaning strategy to disinfect these areas more often to keep the bacteria levels very low.

These types of tests are used in medical facilities and will help you to get a deep cleaning and remove pathogens in restrooms and other spaces in your office building.

4. Set goals for your employees

When you are trying to measure the productivity of an employee you have to establish a measurement system in which you can grade them. Set goals for your employees to keep their office space clean. I know it sounds silly, but having them take ownership of keeping their office space clean affects their health and well-being. A clean office space, or cubicle will affect not only them personally, but also how their co-workers will see them as valued employees to the team.

Being detail-oriented is not everyone’s strength, but in providing office cleaning services to our customers, being detail-oriented is key in providing disinfecting services coupled with years of experience allows us to provide excellent cleaning services to customers in the Upper Valley region.

5. Clean the mind

Employee health and cleanliness are intertwined and is critical to the overall company’s health on many levels. It is also important for a manager to understand that employees do need a brain break throughout the day. When you keep your nose to the grindstone all day long and don’t take regular breaks, you are less productive and creative. Taking a break a couple times a day without any electronics allows your mind to relax and often results in some of the best creative time.

Key Take-a-ways:

  1. Don’t forget that your employees are people too and they need a break once in awhile.
  2. Develop a wellness plan for your company
  3. Starting cleaning and disinfecting those “hot spots” to reduce illnesses and increase productivity.

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