Commercial Cleaning Services: Three Values of Clean in Business

July 24, 2023

Showing the value of cleaning can be challenging when most of us look at price first. To understand the importance of cleaning for your company, you have to dive deeper into what are the elements of value and move beyond price. First, we have to identify the parts of the value to determine what they value is to a company. Here are three values that will affect your company.


Performance Janitorial Cleaning ServicesValue in Appearance

The value in appearance dives deep into how you have your office setup with many different types of elements. Here are the top things to think about when you are trying to create the right appearance.

  1. Colors: Natural warm earth tones tend to have a calming effect on customers.
  2. Lighting: Fluorescent lights can be too bright and make people think of a sterile environment. Natural sunlight makes people again feel more welcome and calmer.
  3. Music: Be very careful what type of music you use. Loud music with tons of commercial tend to annoy consumers, but music that is upbeat around the 60 beats per minute tend to relax people and make them feel more at ease.
  4. Smell: The last thing you want is to have a bad odor in your building. You can have a bad odor from not cleaning on a regular basis that will turn the customer off or have a bad odor from a very harsh chemical smell that also will turn the customer off. Try to keep your office neutral smelling without any strong perfumes or odors.
  5. Cleaning: Cleaning on a regular basis creates a nice first impression for the customers. Your clients can tell when they first walk through your door, how well you keep your facility clean. That can adversely affect a customer’s impression of your company.


The value in Longer-Lasting Surfaces (asset preservation)

Your building is an asset that impacts the bottom line in your business. Making this asset last as longs as possible through maintenance is important. A proper cleaning regiment does play a significant role in extending the life of the assets like carpets and hard surface floors. The last thing you want to do is have a significant capital expenditure because of poor maintenance or no maintenance. These types of surfaces play a large role in your customers’ first impression of your company. Studies show that businesses that invest in the proper care and maintenance of commercial carpets and hard surface floors have a better appearance and extend the durability and life of those assets. These assets can be extended by two to three time over their normal life cycle.


Value in Health

Let face it, sick employees cost you money. Employees take an average of 7.7 sick days per employee per year that costs businesses 576 billion dollars per year. These illnesses are related to cold/flu symptoms, dust exposure, and other diseases. When your employees are absent from work this has a ripple effect that decreases employee productivity by 54% and decreases customer service by 39% that adversely affects your bottom line. The goal for every business should be having a clean environment that is proactive in preventing the spread of illnesses in the workplace.


Key Take-a-ways:

These are valuable to your company and are directly related to how you keep your facility clean. When you hire a commercial cleaning services company have them:

  1. Assess your building and implement a cleaning strategy
  2. Test with an ATP tester for the “hot spots”.
  3. Implement a cleaning strategy to keep the germs at bay and preventative maintenance of floors and carpets.
  4. Don’t just focus on the price, focus on value in services that the cleaning company can bring to your business.

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