Commercial-Janitorial Cleaning Costs & Trends For 2017

February 2, 2017

Sitting here in my office at our janitorial cleaning company, I can see at least a dozen things that need regular cleaning. Windows, cubicles, carpets, trash bins, tile floors, appliances, lounge furniture and more. That’s just in my office, not to mention in the home.

Performance Janitorial Cleaning Services

There are plenty of cleaning businesses out there looking to clean, houses, storefronts, medical facilities, schools and commercial building galore. This industry is diverse. Most of the cleaning companies in our region focus on residential and commercial cleaning. Some cleaning businesses in the Upper Valley focus on specialty cleaning such as windows, floors or medical facilities. At Upper Valley Cleaning we specialize in residential cleaning, carpet cleaning, window cleaning, medical cleaning, and office spaces. From large to small we work with hundreds of businesses throughout the region. We are part of an industry that employs roughly 3.5 million people in the United States.

The cleaning industry is susceptible to economic downturns and suffered through the Great Recession. Revenue in the industry fell 5.3% in 2008 and another 6.1% in

2009. The most common perception of residential cleaning services is thought of as a luxury. Commercial cleaning is a different story.

Since 2009 the Bureau of Labor Statistics still is predicting a job growth of approximately 6% til 2020.


The Risk

Competition in the cleaning industry is fierce, and most cleaning companies lose up to 55% of their customer base each year. This is due to poor customer service. Good work often goes unnoticed, but a bad job may get your fired immediately. Most successful cleaning companies are successful because of these factors.

  1. The focus on quality control
  2. The higher qualified people
  3. The operate in urban or suburban areas
  4. The operate in higher than average affluence areas.
  5. The focus on the smallest details in each job.
  6. The have great customer service.


The Opportunity

There are many cleaning companies throughout the United States and throughout our region. The ones that adapt to new technologies and differentiate themselves win. These companies are less likely to face local competition. What are the key elements in differentiation?

  1. Adopting new technologies in cleaning equipment
  2. Adopting new cleaning practices such as “green cleaning.”
  3. Focusing on one specialized area. It’s better to be excellent at one type of service, than poor at several.
  4. Focusing on astounding customer service.


Residential Cleaning

This is not a perfect recipe to make a great cleaning company, but these things will help. There is a rise in demand for apartment cleaning with busy professionals, college students, and married couples. This is true even to our area near Dartmouth College.


Commercial Cleaning

Commercial cleaning, office cleaning, and janitorial services are the same services. The commercial cleaning industry thrives in most regions when vacancy rates are declining. This holds true also when office space construction picks up. Office space cleaning is approximately 31% of the total revenue in the industry. Most businesses hire cleaning companies to clean during the 2nd and 3rd shifts when their daytime staff is not there.

For more information about the state of cleaning for 2017 click here. 

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