Creating a clean and healthy business environment

April 26, 2019

Did you know that a clean, well kept business increases the chances of having happy customers and productive staff members? Not only that, but it creates a positive image of your White River Junction facility. Let’s be real here – no one wants to shop or work in an environment with dirty floors, overflowing garbage cans, muggy windows and yellowish walls.

What We Do

We at Upper Valley Cleaning offer janitorial services for a variety of different facilities including small businesses, office spaces, schools, hospitals, retail businesses, restaurants, gyms, sports facilities, etc. We share your goals and will strive to work with you in creating a clean and healthy environment for everyone who stands outside, or steps foot in your establishment. No matter the size of the business, our staff of professionally trained cleaning experts will make your establishment not only look its best, but create a top-notch working environment.

Small Businesses

We support your business and want to help you find success in a nice, clean environment. Our services will help maintain a positive image of your business and make customers happy! In addition, studies show that happier customers are more likely to spend more money. Who knew that a clean environment can help increase your revenue!


Let’s face it. Schools and daycares are crawling with germs! Universities and other educational facilities are not exempt either. Our comprehensive approach helps improve the health and safety of students, faculty and staff. From basic cleaning like dusting and taking out the trash to deep cleaning, Upper Valley ensures everyone will be more protected during the entire school year.


Because germs create an extremely high health risk for hospital patients, healthcare facilities require special attention to properly clean and disinfect surfaces while keeping patients and staff safe. With our extensive cleaning knowledge, we utilize methods and products to help prevent cross contamination.

Retail and Restaurants

Retail stores often have high traffic areas that get heavily soiled and require constant attention to maintain an inviting, friendly environment for customers and staff. With restaurants, it is important for your cooks to have a sanitized work environment and your guests to have an immaculate dining area.

Gyms and Sports Facilities

Sports facilities and gyms have a constant stream of high traffic across floors and carpets. Keeping your gym or sports facility clean goes beyond visual appeal. There are a number of organisms and dangerous bacteria that thrive in the moist, humid locations of a fitness center. This makes more people prone to influenza, athlete’s foot, and other illnesses. We want to ensure your business thrives in a healthy, clean environment! Let us help you save time and energy so you can focus on your family, business and other important areas of your life. Please contact us to schedule an appointment or for more information.

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