Five Cleaning Habits I Learned During COVID-19

August 14, 2020

The World’s more than a little upside down right now. As we find ourselves searching for some comfort while staying at home more, perhaps we can find it in the living space that we are occupying more these days.

There is one thing that has helped me to find some calm in my life, that is cleaning. I went through my house and found several things about cleaning that I could change to make my home better.

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One: Clean For Yourself

The funny thing is, you can spend a lot of time cleaning your home for others that occupy it with you. When you are done no one may say a word, but when you don’t clean, that is one of the things that gets talked about first. So, I clean for myself to the standards that I know I am going to be most comfortable with. When I am done, I feel good about myself and the living space that I occupy with my family.

Two: Do Your Laundry

I know this sounds a little silly, but when was the last time you did your own laundry? This one was a challenge for me, I hate doing my own laundry. I hate washing, folding and putting it away. I am one of the ones that could easily let it sit in the washing machine until it smells. The thing is though, your laundry needs constant attention.

To avoid a pile of laundry to do each week, I decided to do my laundry each day. This doesn’t mean that I actually wash my clothes each day. What this means is I am dedicated to picking up the clothes that need to be washed, ones that need to be put away to be worn again or actually washing clothes and putting them away.

This makes less work each week and takes care of the laundry in a timely manner so I don’t get to the end of the week and see a mountain of clothes waiting for me.

Four: Make Cleaning Important In Your Life

Cleaning is more important now than ever because you and your family are home more often. This is why in our home we as a family have taken steps to make sure cleaning is done every day. The first area is the kitchen. The goal is make cleaning the kitchen and bathroom as important as brushing out teeth each day. After spending eight weeks with my family, we have found new ways to make sure that our home is always clean. It is actually very fulfilling to know that we have a clean home to enjoy each day.

Five: Remember The Little Things

Have you ever noticed that even when you clean ninety-nine percent of the house when most people walk in they will think it is clean, but the one percent that walk in will notice something that you missed. When it comes to cleaning homes, the little things matter. Moving chairs and vacuuming under them makes a huge difference. This is just one of the many little things that people notice.

Have fun when you clean! Don’t make it a stressful time. If you and your family get involved in it together you can make it fun to clean and enjoy the wonderful home you have.

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