Five Money Leaks to Plug in Commercial Janitorial Service

February 8, 2020

Business pundits keep telling us that the economy is getting stronger. For some businesses that’s certainly true, but even so, it’s no excuse to let money trickle away when simple changes can stop a few leaks in your Commerical Janitorial Services. These five tips can add up to very reasonable savings.

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1.  Shut off the lights

Hard to believe, but many janitorial services won’t turn off the lights when they leave your building unless you tell them to.  Ask why, and they’ll say they aren’t sure if anyone else is still in the building. Sound reasonable? Consider this:  If they leave at 11:00 p.m., and your first employee arrives at 7:00 a.m., that’s eight hours of wasted electricity every night! (And don’t forget to add the weekends if you’re closed then.) Write it into your contract to require that they turn off the lights when they leave. (You could also require them to turn down the heat, but you’d be better off to install a programmable thermostat.)

2.  Charge for alarms

Your cleaning company may not realize that security companies will charge you if they have to respond to several false alarms. Let them know, and tell them you’re going to pass along the charge. Just make sure that you take the time to teach them how to disarm and rearm the alarm. Then it’s up to them to train their new employees properly, but your invoice will remind them if they forget.

Performance Janitorial Cleaning Services
Bathroom in the office, public toilet, mirrors and sinks, no smoking sticker

3.  Switch paper dispensers

When office buildings are being built, often the paper towel and toilet paper dispensers that are installed are free. Paper product companies hand them out free to builders because only their products will fit into the dispensers. The builders don’t care, because they are long gone when the cleaning product bills have to be paid. It turns out that these proprietary products often cost 30-50% more than standard items. There’s an upfront cost to changing to generic dispensers, but it can save you thousands of dollars each year.

4.  Keep track of preventative maintenance

If one of your toilets starts to leak, you want to know it right away. And your janitorial service will be happy to tell you – if you make it easy for them. Provide them with a direct contact and a checklist: a running toilet, a damp spot in the ceiling, a faint odor of burning or trash, a sticky door, and so on, along with the “Other” category.  Each of these problems, reported early, will cost less to repair. Train your cleaning company to view your business as they do their own, and it will save you money.

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5.  Go with One Vendor, wherever you can

You probably use a variety of vendors for different tasks: janitorial service, electrician, plumbing, groundskeeper, indoor plants, carpets, etc. Some of these contractors will be licensed to perform more tasks than you hired them for.  Why not open the field to all of them?  Offer your commercial janitorial service the opportunity to bid on the carpet cleaning. Find out if the groundskeeper will take care of indoor plants. Maybe the commercial janitorial service does, too. You may find a building maintenance firm that can clean, mow, and also handle electrical and plumbing problems. Consolidating like this can result in lower rates and also make managing your facility easier for both you and for your vendor. That in itself will save money by saving you time to put toward running your own business.

Key Take Aways

  • Research who you are hiring, don’t just take their word for it.
  • Make sure your contract details everything they are going to do for you.
  • Know who the go-to person is in case there is a problem with their work.
  • Go with a local/regional vendor, you will get more personalized service.

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