Five Upper Valley Residential Cleaning Trends for 2016

November 14, 2015

As technology moves forward at breakneck speed, there are some really neat advances in cleaning solutions and the tools that are used to get the job done. In business everything begins and ends with the customer; that is really why we are in business to begin with. These are some of the cleaning industry trends that are happening now and will continue to evolve into 2016 as the B2B and B2C landscape evolves.

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Trend #1 – More Companies Are Going Green

With the whole world continually debating global warming and other environmental issues. Companies are followed suit by customer demand and are looking for more sustainable solutions for their businesses. From SMB’s to large scale corporate companies going green is one of the trends that are gaining strength and popularity.


Trend #2 – Customers Have Evolved

The buyer’s landscape has changed dramatically. Consumers on both sides of the spectrum are more sophisticated and are highly educated about the cleaning industry. This is forcing cleaning companies to be more transparent and customer-centric and move away from the age-old tactics of being marketer-centric.


Trend #3 – More Companies Move To Outsourcing Solutions

According to AICS, more corporate companies are finding that outsourcing is the best option for cleaning their facilities. With service providers helping to reduce costs, measuring quality and have more integrated solutions, they can reduce human resource responsibilities while improving the facility environment and affecting the bottom line positively.


Trend #4 – Using Technology To Clean For Us

Cleaning robots are not a new trend, but the technology that makes them work has dramatically improved due to impressive improvements in processors and infrared technologies. One example of this is the IRobot home cleaning vacuum. Other improvements are systems that are in Japan and France that allow urinals and toilets to be cleaned automatically without a single human touch.


Trend #4 – Microbial Cleaning

The battle for a clean home and clean restroom now gets even smaller with advancements like ATP testers that allow you to determine how many germs are living on your surfaces. The industry is focusing more and more on cleaning germs and not just cleaning surfaces. This trend in germ cleaning is still on an upward tick.


Trend #5 – Healthcare Sanitation

Hospitals have always been on the side of sanitizing their environments, but one of the newer trends is Nursing homes and elderly care facilities adopting cleaning techniques that go beyond traditional cleaning and now are sanitizing to combat against HAI (Hospital Acquired Infections). We think this will continue an upward trend as the United States sees an every increasing elderly population.

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