Four Etiquette Tips For When You Are Sick At Work

September 10, 2023

No one wants to be sick at any time in the year. Being considerate of others when you are sick is important. The first step is being aware of people around you not to spread the germs to your coworkers. Some of your coworkers may sympathize with you and cut you some slack, but others are going to be annoyed that you came to work sick says etiquette expert Dianne Gottsman. So how do you keep other safe and still go to work because you need to? Here are some tips to get you through the day.


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Tip #1: Work At Home

If you are sick and can’t make it into work or don’t want to spread the germs to others at your workplace; stay at home. Telecommuting is a common occurrence these days with VOIP phone systems, video conferencing and email. This may not be your typical arrangement or work, but it will benefit your employees and boss by not spreading your sickness to others.

In the past, it was a common thought to have employees just come to work, but business owners realize that things need to change. In a 2015 study by JAMA Pediatrics found that 94% of workers believed that going to work puts patients and other workers at risk.

If you are a shift worker working on second or third shift, it has been found that you might be more susceptible to getting sick because your natural body clock is set to sleep at night according to the National Academy of Sciences.


Tip #2: No Touchy!

Yes, it is that simple! If you are sick, avoid from touching anyone as much as possible. If your co-worker moves towards you to shake hands, refrain and let them know you are sick. It’s better to play it safe then spread your sickness to your co-workers.


Tip #3: Stock Up Your Supplies

Keep your desk well supplied with cold medicine, hand sanitizer, tissues, pain relievers, disinfecting wipes and cough syrup. Wipe down your phone, keyboard, and desktop at the end of the day or at least twice during the day to prevent the spread of germs. Also, don’t forget to stock up on the face mask to reduce spreading the cold through the air.


Tip #4: Avoid Common Surface Areas

As you move around the office try to minimize the number of surfaces that you touch in communal areas. The spots are typical:

  • Break rooms
  • kitchens
  • in-house gyms
  • the lunch room
  • Restrooms

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