Hard Floor Maintenance During The Winter Months

January 11, 2017

Every season in the Upper Valley has its own unique characteristics that damage your floors. During the winter rocks, salt, ice melt, sand and slush create a mess for your hard floor maintenance program.  Here are some tips for hard floor maintenance during the winter months.

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Have A Good Defensive Strategy

Have you every heard the saying “The best offense is a good defense?” It is best to start your winter defense program by implementing a good mat program. The defense of your floors begins at the doorway. Placing mats at the door entrances to limit the debris from tracking in is critical. Put your mats just inside the doors of all the main traffic areas in your building. Make sure these mats are scraper mats, they can hold 8 to 10 times their weight in dirt, water, and debris.


Educate Your Employees

Teaching your employees, janitorial staff and outside contractors is another important part of the process. Make sure your staff knows where to remove snow from and apply sand and salt materials. Property maintenance on the outside is as important as the interior cleaning and maintenance of your floors. Educate your employees to clean boots and shoes before entering the building to reduce tracking too.


Keep Your Floors Dry And Clean

Most of the water and soil that gets tracked into your building is on the bottom of shoes. If you don’t have mats present at the doorway, your employees and visitors can track that soil and water further into the building. Make sure you have mats inside the door and outside in some cases.


Get A Vaccum Schedule

During the fall and winter, you need a proper vacuum cleaning schedule. Assess your highest traffic zones and plan to clean them during operational hours to keep the debris to a minimum. By cleaning on a regular basis during the day, you will reduce how far the debris from outside is tracked through your building. Most high traffic building spots get vacuumed 2-3 times per day.


Who’s Cleaning It?

These strategies will work in your building if you have the personnel and the hard surface maintenance plan in place. What if you don’t though. That is where companies like ours “Upper Valley Cleaning” can come in and assess your building and provide a comprehensive plan. These plans are complete and thorough to make sure your hard surface floors and carpets are clean throughout the year.

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