Help, I Have Coffee Stain In My Carpet!

February 15, 2018

Coffee spills happen, and they are one of the most uncomfortable things that can happen to someone. There never is a convenient time for a spill to happen. It happens when you are running out the door or having dinner with guests or when you are at home when you are watching TV or reading. In most cases how we remove stains is done improperly resulting in a lasting stain that you end up moving the chair to cover.

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Don’t worry though, various coffee stain removers and ideas are available to help you remove those ugly stains and get back to doing what you need to.

To effectively remove coffee stains from a carpet, you need to mix up a simple home solution, so it doesn’t set in permanently. Here’s the mix:
– One tablespoon of dish soap
– 2 tablespoons of vinegar
– 2 cups of warm water

Once you have that mixed up, pour into a clean spray bottle. Now lightly spray on the stain and blot the stain with a micro-fiber cloth or heavy duty paper towels. Don’t over spray the stain; more liquid won’t help it to come off the carpet any easier. Bot the stain first to soak up the excess liquid and then spray and blot until the stain is gone. Now that it looks like the stain is removed let air dry and check to make sure the stain is gone. If needed, repeat the process until no stain is visible.

Performance Janitorial Cleaning Services

Before applying the cleaner
Before you use your cleaning solution to your carpet, make sure you test it on a small part of your carpet in a corner out of sight. With some cleaners, discoloration can occur. This can happen when you have a dark colored carpet. Lightly spray and wait a couple of minutes.

Different carpet fibers
Natural Fibers: In order to remove stains out of a natural fiber, don’t use warm or hot water. Use a little cold water on the stained area. Remember to blot the spot first to get the coffee out.
Nylon and Olefin: These types of fibers in carpeting are stain resistors. When cleaning them, make sure you have removed all of the moisture, so mildewing and bad odors don’t take hold.

If you are not sure what to do with that carpet stain, give us a call. We specialize in carpet stain removal on upholstery and carpeting.

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