How Carpet Restoration Services Could Lead To Long-Term Benefits

February 17, 2022

Why should I get carpet restoration services? Running a corporation or commercial business isn’t simple with all the day-to-day tasks. It’s easy to deprioritize the deep cleaning of your floors and furniture. Whether you are a place of worship, a property management company, daycare, hospital or school, the daily traffic of your customers and employees can wear and stain your carpeting and flooring. Thorough carpet restoration services can help to extend the life of your carpets and furniture and restore the luster of your workplace.

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Go Beyond Regular Cleaning

Foot traffic takes a toll on your floor with all the dirt, winter salt, water and mud. It adds up and you may wonder, “Does my daily cleaning really get all the dirt?” The answer to that question is no. Regular cleaning is good, but it only gets the surface dirt and leaves the dirt stuck in the fibers left to deteriorate your carpets and floors. Daily maintenance cleaning is great for keeping the workplace clean and usable. It helps to prevent excessive build-up. Vacuuming, emptying the trash, washing windows, and wiping down surfaces are essential tasks, but those tasks don’t tackle the deep down fibers where stains, grime and dirt are ground in.

Performance Janitorial has American-made-equipment that can remove dirt, spots, and odors without leaving behind residues that make your office smell bad or full of chemicals.

Increase The Lifespan of Your Carpets

If dirt and contaminants are not regularly removed, they will eventually ruin your hard surface floors and carpets. Our professionals recommend routine carpet restoration services to remove these contaminants, bringing back the new look of your floors and carpets.

Don’t stop there, though. With your carpets adding deodorizers and protectants will help save your surfaces from future spills and smells which extend the longevity of your investment. Adding a protectant to your carpets adds an invisible layer to every strand. This spray minimizes the amount of dirt and grime that attaches to the surface.

Performance Janitorial Cleaning Services

Improve the Overall Experience At Your Business

The physical appearance of your workplace can provide a positive first impression or leave a bad first impression. According to Facility Executive, nine out of ten customers are more likely to have a negative opinion of your business if the public spaces are not clean and ninety-two percent of customers will use the cleanliness of a business as a key factor when deciding whether to continue to do business with you.

Deep Cleaning Improves Employee Morale

Employees spend eight hours or more at your business in any given day. It’s like a second home for them. Keeping your business is more important than ever. According to Statista, employees, on average, take over five sick days per year. These numbers can improve if business owners regularly remove allergens and bacteria from floor, carpets and other surfaces. That is where professional carpet restoration services help.

Finding a Trusted Partner

You have put a lot of time into your business and it is important to find a cleaning partner that you can trust. That is why finding a partner that has proper insurance, training and certifications can help give you a peace of mind for a cleaning partner.

Performance Janitorial cleaning services is proud to be fully insured and bonded. Your business is important, and we are happy to have qualified insurance coverage to protect your investment. Performance Janitorial is your partner in cleaning and carpet restoration.

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