How Often Should Medical Office Cleaning Be Done?

October 28, 2022

Medical offices are high-traffic areas that experience a lot of germs, dirt and grime. This makes it necessary to hire medical office cleaning services to clean each day. That raises the question for many office managers though of how often should general maintenance be done?

medical office cleaning service

General Maintenance

A rule of thumb is that medical offices should be cleaned and disinfected daily to uphold industry standards for sanitizing and disinfecting. This regiment helps to prevent bacteria and germs from accumulating on surfaces and spreading to patients and employees. However, this can be time-consuming and difficult for employees. Many employees in the medical industry are doctors, nurses and support staff and don’t have training on proper cleaning and disinfecting techniques to handle the daily cleaning of a medical office. It’s worth considering medical office cleaning services to ensure your medical office receives a thorough cleaning.

Seasons Change

You should take into account that in New England and the Upper Valley the seasons’ change and each season brings a new challenge for cleaning facilities. For example, Flu season during the winter or spring season that brings allergies may bring greater germs into your medical office. As infections increase and/or allergies spread throughout office spaces, it is important to pay attention to waiting rooms and exam rooms where germs will easily come into contact with each patient that is ill.

Sanitation Equipment

Here are some of the many items that medical offices would want to have on hand for fighting against germs. Disposable gloves, bin liners, mops, hand sanitizer, soap and water, commercial-grade cleaners, and disinfectant sprays. These are everyday items that will help you to keep germs at bay until your professional medical office cleaning service can come in and do a thorough cleaning.

As a medical office cleaning company, we also use one of the state-of-the-art disinfecting machines on the market today. Electrostatic sprayers are more popular than ever since COVID-19 because they greatly reduce time and increase the effectiveness in killing germs in medical offices. Electrostatic sprayers work by charging the super fine mist with positively charged molecules that then attract to the negatively charged surfaces. They act like magnets to metal! It effectively coats the whole surface with disinfectant spray to kill germs. The dwell time is minimal with the disinfectant spray and leaves behind no residue for your staff to clean up.

Give your medical office cleaning service at Upper Valley Cleaning a call today to find out how we can help you stay clean and disinfected each day in your office.

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