How Often Should You Clean You Clean Your Kitchen Cabinets

March 9, 2017

If you’re like me in our home, you don’t clean your kitchen cabinets very often. When was the last time you took everything out of the cabinets and cleaned around in there? You probably clean your kitchen counters every day after cooking a meal, but what about the places you store your food and pots and pans? Here are some tips to keep those kitchen cabinets clean throughout the year.

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Clean Once Every Three Months

Preferably you will want to clean your kitchen cabinets every three months. This is the preferred time frame for clean to keep on top of things. If you have open shelves in your kitchen, you may want to clean more often.

Get a bottle of white vinegar and mix into a spray bottle with a 50/50 solution of vinegar to water. Vinegar and water is a non-toxic cleaner for the home. Pull everything off the shelves and wipe the whole shelf thoroughly. Some of your cabinets may be build-up with grime and dust. Get an old toothbrush, sink scrubber brush and get into those hard to reach spots and clean the grime away.

While you are in the groove of cleaning the cabinets, don’t stop with the inside, wipe down the inside and outside of your cabinet doors too. We have found in our home the lower cabinet doors get a buildup of grime from cooking daily. Vinegar and water is a great solution to wipe them down. Once in a while, I get a hard to remove the stain that vinegar won’t tackle.


Hard To Remove Stains

The magic eraser is my weapon of choice for those hard to remove stains. The like the magic erasers made by Mr. Clean. I have tried other generic brand, but they don’t perform well. Mr. Clean makes several different types of magic erasers for each type of cleaning job. Here a link


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 Cleaning The Greasy Kitchen Wall

Have you every tried to clean a greasy wall after cooking some bacon or any item that splatters grease everywhere? Cooking is naturally messy! Over time that splatter will build up on your walls and stove and leave a residue that is hard to clean off.

It’s easier to wipe up the grease as you go after cooking each meal, but sometimes we are in a rush. I get it, I have left a mess in my kitchen before only to come back later dreading cleaning it up.

The key to getting grease loose from any surface is starting with warm water and soap. Soak your sponge in hot soapy water and scrub across the affected area. If you have a severe grease build up you may want to spray the affected area with vinegar/water spray and sprinkle a little baking soda on there too. Scrub gently so you don’t scratch the glass top of your stove or the front of your cabinet doors. Once the grease is removed, wipe down with a clean sponge soaked in warm water to remove any residue.

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