How To Clean My Kitchen Step By Step

July 28, 2020

I don’t know about you but sometimes it is hard to get tasks done around the house. Sometimes I just don’t know where to start. Let’s face it though, does anything really ever get done in your home? Today I wanted to go over a step by step process of cleaning your kitchen and making it look great.

1 Clear Your Desks

First, put away the items that belong in the kitchen. These are all of the items that get left on the dining room table, kitchen counter, etc.. They don’t belong in the kitchen. Put them all into a basket and put away later or enlist a helper in your home to help you put them away.

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Messy Kitchen

2 Start At The Sink

Put all the clean dishes away first. This gives you room to wash more by hand or put more in the dish washer. After all the dishes are done, run some hot water with fresh soap and soak those things that are super hard to clean like the microwave turntable, dish drainer or large pans or bowls.

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3 Clean Your Countertops

Use an all purpose cleaner and spray for countertop surfaces. Don’t shy away from how much you use. Spray liberally! Let the cleaner do the work for you.

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4 Tackle The Refrigerator

Get rid of anything in here that is expired. You would be surprise what lurks in the back of your fridge. Throw the dirty containers or container with little food in them away. Work from the top shelf down to the bottom wiping down the shelves and the wall inside the fridge as you move down.

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5 Dust, Dust, Dust

Get the dust off everything in the kitchen. First start at the top of your cabinets. Start knocking dirt and debris onto the floor because you are going to sweep it later on. Use a long handled duster and work your way around the kitchen. Clean the corners, light fixtures, tops of cabinets. Don’t forget the top of the refrigerator! When you have worked your way back to that spot that you started, then get ready to clean up your mess on the floor.

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6 Clean The Cabinets

Get a wet sponge and put it in the microwave for 2 minutes. This will cook all the germs out of the sponge. While the microwave is doing it’s work, dig your rag into some hot soapy water and wipe down the doors on your cabinets. Then move to wiping down all the handles and anything else on the walls as you move around the room.

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7 Clean Everything

At this point you have cleaned a large number of surfaces in your kitchen. Now you have the change to clean all of the surfaces like countertops, islands, stools, chairs, etc.. Any horizontal surface that can be wiped down, you should clean and let the debris fall to the floor.

The process in cleaning your kitchen is to work from the top down. Start with everything at the top of your cabinets and work down to the countertops. Once you have all of those surfaces cleaned, the next surface and most likely last surface is going to be the floor that you have made a complete mess of.

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8 Clean the Floor

When you clean your floor, first start with a vacuum. Get behind everything and under everything. Don’t leave anything untouched when you vacuum. After you have vacuumed up everything, get the mop out or steam cleaner and get to cleaning that floor. The goal is to get as much dirt off the floor as possible. Good luck!

While this is not the perfect way of cleaning your kitchen, it’s based on experience of cleaning hundreds of kitchens throughout the years of being a professional cleaner.

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