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May 23, 2019

janitorial service white river, janitorial service white river junction, janitorial cleaning white river junctionNobody wants to wake up and go to work in a dirty space. Many employees lose levels of production, efficiency, and quality of work when”

  • they must dodge full trash cans and a stack of empty boxes on the way to the copier, the mess can be reflected in both the quality and quantity of their work.
  • the break room is grimy and unappetizing, your business has wasted money and efficiency.
  • the bathrooms are scuzzy and dingy, your clients will leave with a bad impression, perhaps taking their purchase order with them right out the door.

Instead of punishing your employees with a grubby chore list, find a janitorial team to support the team. Engage Upper Valley Cleaning in White River Junction to come in a night to refresh and restore your spaces. Be greeting in with morning with sparkling space, pleasant smells, and spotless facilities for your workers and your customers.

The Best Skills And Technology

Technologies in the cleaning industry are always improving, but do you want to research in order to keep up with them?  Using inexpensive or outdated cleaning equipment takes more time and increases your payroll costs. Why use a broom and dustpan when you can have in industrial HEPA vacuum remove 50% more allergens? The most modern equipment used by skilled janitorial staff will improve cleaning efficiency. Plus, you won’t need to invest capital in the latest machines but you’ll reap the benefits.

High-Quality Cleaning Supplies & Services

When it comes to cleaning the floors, bathrooms, and other important areas of your business, not all cleaning supplies are made the same. Rather than buying a knock-off floor cleaner from the superstore on your lunch hour, hire a professional janitorial service that is equipped with the appropriate industry equipment and products to get the job done right.

The deep cleaning of commercial spaces requires the use of heavy-duty industrial cleaning equipment by trained professionals.

A Deeper And More Thorough Cleaning At Night

Many cleaning tasks cannot be performed properly when the building is occupied.  When professionals clean after hours, they can efficiently and effectively dust and disinfect of personal areas, sterilize trash cans and thoroughly clean floors.

When the staff and customers are present, certain types of equipment, such as vacuums, make too much noise. Bathrooms can’t be disinfected deeply enough. Take advantage of the downtime and maximize cleaning efforts with a professional cleaning team.  

Healthy Spaces For A Healthier Workforce

A clean office environment should be a priority if you want to stay healthy and productive. In a study conducted by San Diego State University and the University of Arizona, more than 500 species of bacteria were found in the more than 90 offices that were tested. Obviously, regular, professional, and proper cleaning will reduce bacteria on surfaces and increase indoor air quality.

Common causes of employee sickness are perpetually dirty floors that have collected mildew, bacteria, and other contaminants over the years, as well as overcrowding in a tight space where every surface is covered with germs. All of these contributors to employee sickness are avoidable with the help of a commercial janitorial service that specializes in creating clean, healthy work environments for employees to thrive in.

Benefits Of Hiring An Outside Cleaning Staff

  • Increased employee productivity
  • The reduced spread of disease, fewer sick days
  • Freed up storage space
  • Long term cost savings, shift from payroll to operating budget
  • Higher quality cleaning with better tools and skills

For Carpet Cleaning In White River

Upper Valley Cleaning combines the best of both worlds: the professionalism and reputation of a national brand with the attention, care, and detail of a locally owned community business. Their business supports your local business! 

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