Keep Your Furniture Looking great with Upholstery Cleaning Services

January 29, 2017

While having your building’s common areas, public and private bathrooms, and staff break rooms cleaned on a regular basis should be a standard element on your professional cleaning service’s plan of action for your facility, there’s a whole other necessary (and often overlooked) component that must be on that “to do” list as well: upholstery cleaning services.  Whether you have your current cleaning service provide this specific niche area of cleaning, or you hire a company purposefully for this one service, there are lots of benefits to including upholstery cleaning in your budget:

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It will revitalize the appearance of your furniture.

If you’ve never had your furniture taken care of by professional cleaning services before, it’s understandable that it’s hard to imagine how all those dirty upholstered chairs and couches at your facility can possibly look revitalized without having to cover them or reupholster them — but that’s exactly the benefit of upholstery cleaning services. The process removes the dirt, smudges, juice spills, shoe marks, hair products, and all the other spots and spills your furniture has endured from the countless visitors, residents, and/or employees that have sought comfort on them!


It will increase customer satisfaction.

Investing in upholstery cleaning services shows your staff, visitors, and residents that it’s important to you not only that you take pride in your facility and that their comfort and safety matters, but also that you make sound business decisions, handle the facility’s finances wisely, and appreciate and value things that simply need to be taken care of rather than quickly discarded. Can you imagine the negative image you would be portrayed if you displayed new furniture at your facility every season? It would be just as bad as if you were completely neglecting cleaning the facility altogether.


It’s cost-effective.

While initially, it may seem quicker and easier to buy new office furniture to replace pieces that look dirty and worn from wear, it’s also more expensive than simply securing cleaning services to revitalize those pieces. In fact, just one session of professional upholstery cleaning services can cost just a small fraction of replacing the furniture altogether. Buying new furniture every time your old ones become dirty is not practical; that portion of your budget can be better spent elsewhere at your facility.


The furniture will last longer.

Dust particles can be full of microscopic animal dander, dirt, insect waste, and dry skin that slowly damages upholstery fibers.  If your facility’s furniture is not well-maintained, it will be visible to the naked eye over time. Just like with anything you value in life — a vehicle, a home, a pet, a loved one, the more attentive you are to it, the more you take care of it, and the more you invest in its well-being, and the longer it will be enjoyed and embraced.


It will remove allergens.

From open windows, room deodorizers, dust, and oils and perfumes, to the dog hair left behind from someone’s jacket, allergens are ever-present in the air and on upholstered furniture. Professional upholstery cleaning will reduce and remove those agents that can cause subtle or severe physical reactions to people sensitive to them.


 Key Take-a-ways:

  • Upholstery cleaning services address those areas of ongoing facility maintenance that is often overlooked at buildings where others live, work, and/or visit daily.
  • There are many benefits to implementing cleaning services into your building maintenance budget, including:
  • the financial savings,
  • an overall revitalized appearance of your building’s furnishings,
  • an increase in customer service and satisfaction,
  • the sustainability and longevity of your company’s capital assets, and
  • the removal of potentially-dangerous allergens.

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