Kicking Covid-19: What To Do When Employees Return

April 10, 2021

As the world slowly recovers from Covid-19 and the dramatic impact it has had on all of our businesses, we begin to see a shift from virtual work environments to employees back at the office. This return has occurred for many businesses and many are still trying to recover. The nation continues to decrease in covid-19 cases more employees will return to the office. Here’s how you can help them feel safe back at the office.

Working Safe In The Upper Valley Office

Although the light at the end of the tunnel is dim, it is there. It will be important for tenants of buildings to abide by standards set by the CDC and prevent a rise or spread of the Corona virus or any other illness. Many of the businesses in the Upper Valley region are committed to practicing social distancing, working on staggered schedules, taking temperatures when people enter the building and participating in contact tracing when someone does get sick. Here are some tips to safe tenant spaces.

covid-19 commercial cleaning services

What To Do During Low Occupancy Periods

Even before a pandemic hit the world over, many facilities operated with janitorial staff on duty with limited staff in the building. This is the time that janitorial staff could catch up on certain tasks and prepare for returning staff. As employees return, your staff or outsourced commercial cleaning services provider will need to help you ramp up with CDC recommended safety measures. You will also need to determine what is preventative maintenance and what is reactive maintenance. Disinfecting services are reactive due to Covid-19, while carpet cleaning, bathroom cleaning and normal areas are regular maintenance. Develop a maintenance plan for those low times to do some deep cleaning in your facility.

Building Readiness: Are You Ready?

As your employees return, ask your building manager or facilities manager is you are ready for the increased labor force in the building. Part of a safe transition means making sure facilities are ready to be safely occupied by tenants. Here are some tips to get ready:

  • Conduct a survey of fixed assets in your building
  • Inspect our HVAC system
  • Look for signs of pest problems
  • Prepare your heating and cooling systems

HVAC Systems Need Upgrades

Does your HVAC system need an upgrade? How do you know? Evidence suggests that COVID-19 spread through respiratory droplets that travel through the air, which makes inspecting your HVAC system more important than ever before. This is important for your return-to- work initiative. By upgrading your HVAC system to better filter out micron level particles you can help stop the spread of any virus. Here are some suggestions for upgrades:

  • upgrade filters in your system
  • install a UVC system
  • install a bipolar ionization system

These upgrades will not just protect your employees from COVID-19. It will also help to reduce the spread of the flu and other bacteria and viruses throughout the year.

Consider UV Light Disinfection

One method of disinfecting your office is UV light disinfection. Wearing masks, using hand sanitizer and social distancing are the most common practices. Ultraviolet light disinfection is a resource that is less popular but very powerful in killing germs. UV light disinfection is fast and effective in killing germs and unlike liquid surface disinfectants it doesn’t leave any odor or residue.

The next best method of disinfecting in your office is using a disinfecting spray like Electrostatic Sprayers that spray a super fine mist that electrostatically charges the water molecules so they stick to the surfaces in your office and dry within 10 minutes. This leaves all the surfaces in your office free of germs like the Corona virus and flu.

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