Don’t Move Out Without Cleaning your apartment

January 7, 2022

Move out cleaning services are important to ensure you get your security deposit back. Moving can often be stressful and quickly become overwhelming. On top of that, cleaning your house or apartment is a process you don’t want to worry about. This is one worry that you really don’t have to tackle. Hiring a cleaning company to do the move-out cleaning. This can relieve some of the stress from moving and is actually necessary in more ways than you would imagine.

Reduce stress caused by moving

You’re probably already stressed and overwhelmed with the many tasks you must complete to move out and then move into your new home. That’s completely normal. One survey showed that forty-five percent of people said moving was one of the most stressful events in their lives. Hiring a professional residential cleaning service can help to remove much of the stress of moving. There are many areas of your home after all the possessions are gone that you will overlook in cleaning, that’s where we are experts in tackling.

Free up time

Time is a precious thing that you don’t have a lot of when moving. Deep and effective cleaning is a long process that can take what feels like forever to complete. You already have a huge list of things to do before your big move and cleaning will only take up more of that precious time. Having a professional cleaning company assess and deep clean your house or apartment will help the resale value or help you to return your security deposit.

Move into your new home

Once you have moved out of your old home, you are now ready to move into your new home. Congratulations on a new home! How well did the prior owners clean your new home before they left? Professional residential cleaning services can go in and deep clean your new home getting into the smallest of places to ensure a deep clean. Before they leave they can also disinfect the whole house with an electrostatic spray making sure you are safe and secure in your new home.

move out cleaning service

What to expect

What should you expect from a professional cleaning company? You can expect a range of cleaning services like:

  • General Cleaning (vacuuming, dusting, wiping down of surfaces)
  • Kitchen Cleaning (countertops, all surfaces, mopping, washing floors, cleaning fridge, baseboards, fixtures, molding, cupboards)
  • Window Cleaning (cleaning inside and out of all windows in the house)
  • Appliance Cleaning (cleaning the inside and outside of all appliances in the house)

It’s easy to neglect the significant tasks of moving, but cleaning should always be one of the priorities in your moving process. It’s very necessary to hire a professional cleaning service in order to ease the moving process and ensure peace of mind. At Performance Janitorial our staff is trained to clean from top to bottom and disinfect your apartment after you have moved out or before you move into your new home. Give us a call and we’ll make sure your home or apartment is spotless.

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