Professional Bathroom Cleaning Tips: Battling the Men’s Restroom

November 24, 2023

Do you have a large facility with more than 50 people? How about a facility that has more than 500 a day utilizing your restrooms? Large facilities can develop a very challenging problem in the men’s room, it is gotten a nickname in the custodial industry called “Truckstop odor.” Truckstop odor is that unpleasant smell when you walk in the bathroom, and you smell urine everywhere in the restroom.

After years of working in the cleaning industry urine stains and smell is one of the toughest stains and smells to get out of your bathroom. Yes, it would be great that everyone hit the mark, but the reality is urine ends up on the floor and stains the tile floor over time. A recent survey taken on urine stains in the restroom told us that:

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One of the challenges in working in public facilities can be the men missing the urinal, making it easier for urine stains and odors to build up and become trapped in the porous floor surfaces like grout. You tend to see this more in facilities that have an older population, but it is not always the case.


The Goal

The goal is always to have a bathroom that is clean and odor free, but the challenge has been finding a product that will do the job in getting rid of urine stains and smells. We have tried many products, and there was one that stood out for us. Clorox Urine Remover did the job and did it well. It eliminated our restroom grout stains and urine odors and restored our restrooms to a clean a sanitary feel.


The Benefit

Once you have addressed this in your restrooms, it will not go unnoticed by your patrons. They may not be able to pinpoint it right away, and you find them asking what you changed in the restroom. Most of the comments that we have seen with our clients are “ how clean and nice the restrooms smell.”

In addition to how nice the restrooms look and smell, one of the other benefits that you will find is the cleaning staff will be spending less time to remove the urine stains and odor, thus reducing some of your overhead in cleaning.


Final note

If you face similar challenges with urine stains and odors in your facility, don’t lose hope. There are some great products out there today that can remove those stains and odors right out of your facility. Take a look at your cleaning processes and products to evaluate what is the smartest option for your facility.

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