Protecting Your Employee’s Health Through Commercial Cleaning

March 29, 2023

One of the top priorities of any business owner should be the health of their establishment. With healthy employees, productivity and morale will stay high if productivity is good. Fewer employees will use sick days, and fewer will lack energy as they fight off colds. Fortunately, you can help keep your employees well by maintaining a sanitary environment. Using reputable commercial cleaning services is the key to this, and can greatly benefit your business.

Interesting Facts
Before you learn how commercial janitorial services can help, you should know these interesting facts:

1. Billions of dollars are lost in US companies each year because of sicknesses in employees that can be traced back to the building in which they work.

2. There is something called “Sick Building Syndrome.” This term refers to employees becoming ill or allergic because of problems in the building. Poor air quality can be one of these problems.

3. In a University of Arizona study, it took a tracer virus only four hours to cover over 50% of commonly touched surfaces in an office. It ended up on office workers hands, and if it were a harmful virus, would have ended up with a high infection rate.

Cleaner Carpets
Keeping your carpets clean is one of the many tasks performed by commercial janitorial services. Various air pollutants can get trapped in carpets and can be released into the air over time. These pollutants include lead and mites. When any of these pollutants are released into the air, they can cause allergies or sickness.

Mold is also a major problem that can cause severe health problems for your employees. Thriving in wet conditions, mold can begin to grow in a wet patch of carpet. Fortunately, proper cleaning can prevent this from happening.

Preventing Cross-Contamination
When one person becomes sick in an enclosed area, the illness seems to spread like wildfire. This is because bacteria can remain on surfaces. If a sick individual coughs on a keyboard, the next person to touch that keyboard can become ill. This type of cross-contamination can happen in many ways.

Janitorial services minimize this problem. By cleaning surfaces that might otherwise get overlooked, bacteria does not spread as easily. One sick individual does not mean that the whole building will follow suit.

Experienced Cleaning
Having your building cleaned with experience greatly improves the health of your building. There are many different types of chemicals that can be used for cleaning, some of which can cause respiratory damage when used in an enclosed space. An untrained person may not use the right chemical, and as a result, people may cause permanent health damage.

Trained commercial janitorial services know which chemicals to use when, and also have the tools to do the job correctly. This experience means that no health risk will be overlooked, and every health risk will be cleaned properly. Missing an area, or using the wrong disinfectant can mean germs are lingering. Experience minimizes the chance of this occurring.

No Stone Unturned
Without a reliable cleaning service, you may find that areas of your building get overlooked. One commonly neglected area is the refrigerator of a break room or kitchen. Food spoils easily, and this can be the perfect environment for mold to take over. A janitorial service will not ignore the refrigerator and will keep the area mold-free. Mold can spread, and you don’t want employees eating it for lunch.

To keep your employees healthy, you need to keep your building healthy. Quality commercial janitorial services can greatly improve the health of your building.

Key Takeaways:

1. Don’t forget to have the kitchen refrigerator cleaned.
2. Get references, it will help you to determine their level of experience.
3. Keep surfaces clean when an employee is sick.
4. Keep your carpets clean, it will help with your indoor air quality.

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