Renting Home Carpet Cleaner Could Cause You More Problems

October 20, 2018

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Have you thought about cleaning your carpets? Many will go out and rent a DIY carpet cleaner, but DIY carpet cleaning systems can’t match the performance and quality of cleaning that a professional system provides. Here some of the top reason why you should hire a Carpet Cleaner and not rent a DIY system.


You can’t clean like the Pro’s

As a certified professional carpet cleaner, we have access to a truck mounted carpet cleaning system called Hydramaster. These systems have a much higher heat output and suck level which allows our cleaners to get deep into the carpet fibers breaking up the dirt and grime.

Another major advantage is the amount of suction that a truck-mounted system has over a DIY carpet cleaning vacuum. Our truck mounted system often leaves the carpet almost dry when we are done, thus decreasing the drying time versus a DIY system.

Certified technicians also have access to cleaning chemicals that the general public can’t buy on the market. These detergents are specific to the type of carpeting and how soiled your carpets are. One type of cleaner really doesn’t’ fit all carpets.


How often do you clean your carpets?

To keep your carpets looking great and extending the life of the carpet, you should follow the manufacturers suggested cleaning schedule to not void the warranty. Most manufacturers recommend every 12-18 months depending on the level of traffic in your home or business. Make sure you read the warranty information on your carpets, so you don’t void the warranty.


What type of method works best to clean my carpets?

The method of carpet cleaning that is most recommended by most manufacturers is hot water extraction. This is also most commonly known as steam cleaning. In this method super hot water normally at 260 degrees effectively breaking up stains and soil and then is immediately sucked back up along with the dirt. Most professionals use a truck mounted carpet cleaning system, and this is the preferred choice, but some portable units do a good job for those quick cleaning jobs. A truck mounted carpet cleaning system is by far more powerful than a portable unit and should be used whenever possible for maximum effectiveness in cleaning.


What are the cost savings concerns?

If you are considering the cost of hiring a professional carpet cleaner versus doing-it-yourself consider these points.

  1. Are you cleaning just the high traffic areas of your home like hallways, front door, living room?
  2. Do you move your furniture more than 3 times per year?
  3. If your furniture doesn’t move at all, then those spots under the furniture will look new while the rest of your carpet will age and look worn. This over time will become very distinct and apparent.


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