Residential Cleaning A Clean Vision for An Upper Valley Home

October 17, 2015

You have things to do in that are more important than cleaning your home. Your time is more valuable spending time with your family than spending that time cleaning a messy home. However, that does not take away the need that every home should have a clean vision for their home. What is that clean vision? A clean vision is having a cleaning schedule and a set number of things that you regularly clean in your home. This vision should be done in a timely and efficient manner. Here is how you do that.

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Where to start

The first place to start is the entryway and the kitchen. These are the two areas of your house that people are going to congregate first. Most people focus on objects that are higher in the air and focus on tables, shelves and places to set things down. Clear the clutter in these two areas, less is more. Hang jackets up, put shoes away and clear the countertops from everything but what is essential.


The living room

Spend about 15 minutes in this room. Do a sweep around the room here and clear the clutter. The living room is an area that things get left like jackets, newspapers, toys, mail and anything else that should be put away. Get these items out of sight and put away in their appropriate spots.


Clean the bathroom

Ironically, the bathroom is one area of the house that you want to be spotlessly clean. This area of the house normally has exceptional lighting that allows you to see everything. Here are the areas to focus on in the bathroom.

  1. Clear the clutter in here. Remove items from the countertops, shelves, and back of the toilet. Stash anything that is not essential to have out in the open.
  2. Pick up the dirty clothes and any other debris left on the ground. Vacuum the rug and wipe the floor over once.
  3. While you are cleaning, put some cleaner in the toilet bowl and let it sit.
  4. Spray down the sink with vinegar and water and wipe down to leave a clean, shiny
  5. Spray your mirrors with vinegar and water and wipe dry.


Clean the kitchen

The kitchen is the one area of the house that everyone congregates. This room is the heart of the party, and you want to focus on making this room look great and clean. Things to think about for the kitchen.

  1. Hide any tools or appliances that you do not need immediately. Spray the counters and wipe dry.
  2. Remove the items from the sink and spray down the sink area. Wipe dry with a towel leaving your faucet clean and shiny.
  3. Wipe down the stove and refrigerator to remove any stains or germs.
  4. Check all of the chairs for stains or food debris.
  5. Don’t forget to empty the trash each day, this will reduce odors in the home.
  6. Quickly wipe down the light switches for germs.


Clean the bedrooms

The bedroom is each person’s sanctuary. This is the area of the house that is very personal to each family member. Get the kids involved in cleaning their rooms.

  1. Clear all of the clutter on the floor first. Pick up the clothes and put away or in the hamper.
  2. Stow the toys away that are left Get bins or a toy box to put them in and off the floor.
  3. Check under the bed.
  4. Remove the clutter on the dresser.
  5. Vacuum the rugs to get dirt and dust and other debris.

These are the major areas of your house that should be cleaned on a regular basis. If you find that you just don’t have the time to get to all or some of these areas of your house, consider hiring a cleaning company to keep your house a clean vision.

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