Residential Cleaning Services Helps Seniors Stay at Home Longer

November 27, 2015

Many challenges come with getting older in life. One of those challenges that many seniors face is keeping the home that they have had for decades clean and safe for them to live in. Many time seniors consider moving into a living assisted home because the are overwhelmed and feel that they can adequately take care of their home anymore.

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One of the many ways to help that aging loved one in your family retain their independence is consider that this is their home and approach the situation with love and patience. Many of our loved ones have boxes of stuff that may be hazardous to their mobility. Here are some tips to help you help your elderly loved one clean up their home and keep it clean.


Before you get started

Try not to go into this with the attitude that you are going to start clearing everything out. Bring the family together as best as you can and set some goals with your loved one. Focus on the goal of helping them live a healthier life by keeping the home clean. Remember it is important that your loved one needs to feel like they are a part of this and in control of their own lives. You are here to set some goals and help them live a good quality life.


Find the important documents

Before you start removing things, one of the priorities is to track down important documents about finances, health and other legal documents that are going to be important to them. Don’t forget to include any family photo albums and other keepsakes. It is important to find these before things get removed to ensure they don’t get lost and become unavailable in times of emergency.


Evaluate the home

As you go through the home cleaning up and helping your loved one get things organized. Think about things like:

  1. Is the home well lit?
  2. Is it easy to navigate for them? With a walker or cane?
  3. Are there cords that are loose and can be easily tripped over?
  4. Are there fire extinguishers available?
  5. Are the smoke detectors or carbon monoxide detectors working?
  6. Can they get into the tub safely?
  7. Do you have extra handrails installed to assist them?


Clear the clutter

Getting rid of things that we have held onto for years is hard for anyone, but many time it is even harder for seniors. When these possessions become too much for the home and make it difficult to navigate from room to room, it may be time to start clearing things out.  Remember that a lot of the items that are in the home will act as a trigger to the many memories they have of their lives. Work with them in going through all of those precious things. The more that you can keep your senior involved the better off it will go.


Keep it maintained

Once you have gone through the home and cleared things out and made it easy to navigate, don’t stop there. Start looking for a good residential cleaning services that has great references. Get a background check done and have them come in once or twice a week to help your senior maintain the home. This will help your senior to keep their independence and feel good about living in their home as long as possible.

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