Residential Cleaning Tips: Getting Rid of Pet Stains & Odors

November 6, 2015

If you are a dog lover, then at one time you know what it is like to have to clean up a mess on the floor or carpet that your dog has left you. Of course, we love our dogs for all of the dog people out there. One of the challenges over time after accidents happen on your carpets is the lingering stains and odor of pet pee and feces.

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Here is a quick residential cleaning tips guide on some cleaners that are great for cleaning up those pesky pet stains and odors.

Simple Green BIO Pet Stain & Odor Remover

This particular dog stain remover is non-toxic and quickly eliminates odors on all surfaces. Simple Green can be used to spot clean or add some to your carpet cleaner to take the odor out of the whole carpet. It is effective in removing mud, grass, urine, vomit and many other pet messes that are left behind by our furry friends.

One of the things that we like about this product is, it is effective in removing those old spots on the carpet that have pet odor and stain buildups. It is not just for carpets too; you can use it on hard surfaces like concrete, brick, stone, and wood floors.


Nature’s Miracle Stain & Odor Remover

Nature’s Miracle is a stain and odor remover for any pet stain. They take a different approach by using a bio-enzymatic formula to break down the organic stain and odor to the point where there is no trace. It is great for cleaning up grass, mud, vomit, blood, pee and feces and many other organic pet stains. This product can be used on be used on a variety of surfaces. The key thing to remember is to leave the stain remover on the stain for a while to allow it to seep deep into all of the stain, especially on carpets. The stain may be in the carpet and the pad beneath beyond what the naked eye can see.


Vinegar Baking Soda Spray

For the frugal minded person that enjoys taking a more natural approach without any extra chemicals. White vinegar and baking soda make a great combination for cleaning up those recent pet accidents. Baking soda works as a great natural odor remover and the vinegar works on many surfaces to clean most anything. Together these two organic elements are great for fighting those pet stains. Here is what you will need to make your pet stain killer.

  1. 2 cups of white distilled vinegar
  2. 2 cups of warm water
  3. 4-6 tablespoons of baking soda

Mix them together in a spray bottle. You can get these at your local home depot. Spray on the stain and let sit for a little while and then blot up as much of the liquid as possible.

Of course, you love your four-legged friends, but not their messes that they leave behind on your floors. There is no way to avoid the messes at times, but there are tons of options for cleaning up and removing those stains for good.

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