3 Restroom Cleaning Tips: Your Upper Valley Office

May 29, 2021

There are few areas of your business that are more important than restroom cleaning each bathroom in your facility. Restrooms can be a source of germs and are a top priority for most cleaning services. The goal for any cleaning team is to keep that space germs free as possible without contaminating the rest of the office. Besides keeping them germs free, your restroom cleaning team wants to keep your bathrooms visually appealing and free from stains and odors.

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restroom cleaning in the Upper Valley

It’s a tough job because many restrooms are prone to high traffic in office buildings, restaurants, and medical office spaces. To keep your restrooms at the highest possible standards, here is a three-pronged approach to restroom cleaning services that we want to share with business owners and managers.

One: Daily Bathroom Cleaning Procedures

At Upper Valley Cleaning, we visually inspect the appearance of the restrooms that we clean and disinfect each day. We look for debris on the floor, around the sink, toilets, and urinal areas. From there, we then check the trash can liners and the trash can itself. Sometimes liquids and odors can accumulate in the bottom of the trash can causing bad bathroom odors. We check the soap dispenser, toilet paper, paper towel dispenser and make sure they are properly stacked and full. Lastly, we look over the floors, sinks, and toilets, and urinals to make sure they are stain-free and smell fresh.

Two: Weekly Restroom Cleaning Procedures

It won’t be to much of a surprise to a facility manger or owner that weekly restroom cleaning procedures are even more thorough. Weekly cleaning procedures are designed to ensure that your restrooms are clean to start your work week easy and clean. A good restroom cleaning company like Upper Valley Cleaning will clean and scrub all interior surfaces including toilets and urinals using toilet bowl cleaner and powerful disinfectant. Other areas that a cleaning service should clean and disinfect are door handles, light switches, countertops, partitions and dispensers. Mirrors are cleaned with glass cleaner and all finger prints are removed. Lastly, dusting, sweeping and mopping floors are done before leaving the restroom. This is carefully done in order to prevent cross-contamination.

Three: Monthly Restroom Cleaning Procedures

Once a month your restroom cleaning service should go above and beyond to clean on top of doors, shelves, partitions, dispensers, hand dryers, and air vents. Replacement of air deodorizers and air fresheners are key. Lastly, urinal blocks should be replaced too. This is a good time to address any carpet that lead into/out of your restrooms. Carpet should be cleaned quarterly or semi-annually depending on the level of traffic to and from your restroom.

restroom cleaning in the Upper Valley

Choosing a Restroom Cleaning Service in the Upper Valley Region

Here at Upper Valley Cleaning, we understand the importance of restroom cleaning and commercial cleaning office spaces, improving productivity, impressing customers and more. We strive to provide great value and cost-effective services for each and every client. We also understand that you want a cleaning service that has well-educated and trained cleaning professionals that you can trust. That is why we spend time every year training and certifying to make sure we are up to current standards for cleaning services. Give us a call today and find out how we can help you save money and improve the look of your office space.

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