Rising Costs and Outsourcing Your Nursing Home Cleaning Services

June 25, 2023

Every healthcare facility starts off with the goal of being profitable and sustainable in this economic environment. With today’s continuously rising costs due to inflation and COVID, business owners need to think of ways to survive this economic reality. This is a situation is one that if making it very challenging for nursing homes to keep rising costs of care in check.

Performance Janitorial Cleaning Services

A lot of nursing homes have already closed down due to the costs that continue to rise. This is a problem that gets bigger and bigger as the years go by.

How can you sustain your business without sacrificing the quality service you offer to your clients? Increase charges to clients? This may work but you would lose some clients in increasing charges. A great way for a nursing home to continue to profit without upsetting clients is to reduce costs that are possible to reduce.

Training Employees to clean

Training your employees in cleaning your nursing home takes lots of time and lots of money, plus you lose money during the process if the cleaning is not done properly. Improper cleaning of your nursing home can result in the  (HAIs) spread of germs, which can affect other clients, your employees and you, the owner. As the owner of the facility, you are obliged to the employees and the people that you are caring for to provide a clean and safe environment.

Challenges of using employees to clean:

  • Are consistent and up to date with cleaning techniques?
  • Are the fully trained in handling biological disposal techniques?
  • Do you have a consistent system with checks and balance to ensure quality in cleaning?
  • Do you provide vacation days, workers comp, etc.. benefits to your janitors?

Creating your own team of professional cleaners for your facility can be very costly. Add the risk associated in the training process and the time it takes to train each individual, you are possibly looking at months of lost profitability. This can be a nightmare for any business owner since a lot of problems can arise from this simple situation.

Outsourcing facility cleaning services

A great solution to save on money on nursing home cleaning services and prevent situations like the one mentioned above is to outsource those services to a commercial cleaning company that has specialized training in healthcare facility cleaning. By outsourcing, you get professional cleaning services from professionally trained people who can clean your nursing home efficiently and effectively. Professional cleaners can guaranteed that germ and infection spread would be significantly reduced and that environmental issues can be controlled.

nursing home cleaning services

The benefits to you as the owner of a healthcare facility are:

  • Saving your time (your time is valuable as an owner/manager)
  • Effort (you can put your effort to better use in other areas of your business)
  • Money (you will save more money because you are outsourcing the cleaning)
  • Issues – (any cleaning issues can be delegated to the company to manage)
  • Germs – (the spread of germs and infection would be consistently reduced)


By outsourcing your facility cleaning needs to a commercial cleaning company you no longer need to worry how your facility is going to consistently get and stay clean. Let the professionals handle it. Not only will you be guaranteed quality service, you can also have more time to focus on the more important aspects of your facility. Allowing your business to sustain itself during the rise of prices while also help to keep your clients completely satisfied.

Here are more reasons why outsourcing a professional cleaning service is good for your nursing home and for yourself:

1. Less risk for infection and germ spread.

2. Guaranteed professional service.

3. Less costs for employee training.

4. No need to hire a cleaning employee for your facility.

5. Better customer service and experience.

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