Should I Clean The Walls In My Office For Covid-19?

April 28, 2020

When it comes to Business Office Cleaning you most likely know the basics. Those areas like floors, windows, door handles, bathrooms and break rooms get cleaned often. What about the walls? Do you clean the walls in your Business Office? 

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Walls contribute to a dirty office. They hold dust, dirt and grime and their appearance will be affected over time. If you have a business that has manufacturing machines like CNC, milling or grinding this scatters particles throughout your building. Here are some key reasons why you should wash your walls often. 

1 Washing your walls will improve the appearance.

The first thing that potential or current customers will see are the doors, windows, and walls. If your walls are dirty and full of scuff marks, it presents your business as dirty. This messiness detracts from your business. 

2 Washing your walls will help to keep your employees healthy. 

Dirt and oils from hands, bacteria, smoke, and dust, stick to your walls over time. These elements drastically diminish the quality of air in your office. Did you know that the flu virus can live on walls, doors and other surfaces for more than 24 hours after being touched? 

3 Washing your walls will affect the mood of your customers and employees. 

Most office buildings today utilize the walls to reflect light through each room. When your walls are dirty, that diminishes the amount of light in the room. This dirtiness ultimately results in a dark and drab environment that affects employee morale. 

4 Washing your walls will affect the lifespan of the paint. 

By removing the dust, dirt, and grime on the walls on a regular basis, it will help to maintain the integrity of the paint. This cleaning will reduce the number of times in a year that you need to touch-up or repaint walls in your office. 

At Upper Valley Cleaning using special equipment and specialized cleaners we gentle clean your walls to improve these areas of your business. When was the last time you cleaned your walls? 

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