SIX Ways To Tell If Your House Cleaner is Delivering Good Service

February 9, 2018

Are you thinking about hiring a house cleaner in the Upper Valley area? Perhaps you have asked your neighbors or co-workers which company is good to hire? Hiring a good cleaning company is a big first step if you have never had someone clean your home for you. If you are afraid of getting bad service or need help with what you should look for, here’s a quick guide on how to tell if you are getting your monies worth.


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1. Are they bonded and insured?

Did you know that over 90% of independent house cleaners today DO NOT carry the proper general liability and workers compensation insurance?  This is a huge problem because if they get hurt, break something, or damage surfaces in your home, you could end up being liable for it. That’s the last thing you want to happen. Make sure they are properly insured and bonded before you hire them. Ask them what type of liability insurance they have.


2. Do they train their employees?

If you are paying for a professional service from a professional cleaning company, they should have professionally trained staff in the latest cleaning practices and procedures to ensure the best quality of service. Most cleaning companies don’t have a training program or go through any certification. This leads to a lot of problems with quality control.

At Upper Valley Cleaning we train all of our employees through a standardized training program based on best practices in the industry and our region to ensure quality in service every time they visit our customer’s facility.


3. Do they make you provide the equipment?

As a professional cleaning company you the homeowner should never have to provide cleaning equipment or supplies. That is part of why you are hiring a “professional cleaning company”. We use environmentally friendly cleaning products and bring all of our own equipment and cleaning supplies to each location.


4. Are they direct employees or sub-contractors?

This is one of the dirty secrets of the cleaning industry. Some cleaning companies throughout the nation take on new clients then outsource the work to another cleaning contractor. When a problem arises you will be left dealing with the sub-contractor because they performed the work and not the company you hired.

All of our cleaning professionals are direct employees of Upper Valley Cleaning. They are local people and understand the challenges of our local economy, culture and weather changes which affect each business throughout the year. We are constantly looking at how to make our cleaning professionals better at cleaning and interacting with our customers.


5. Are your house cleaners paid hourly or by commission?

Some companies pay employees by commission or percentage which makes them feel like they have to fly through cleaning your home in order to make a decent paycheck each week. They earn more money by the number of homes that they clean each week.

This is not the model in our company. At Upper Valley Cleaning we pay our employees a competitive hourly rate to complete each project from the moment the arrive to the time they leave. Our goal is to provide the best service possible at competitive rates based on cleaning companies across the nation.


6. Will you provide a free estimate?

Having someone from a cleaning company come to your home and assess how large the home is and what are the needs for cleaning is part of us getting to know you the customer. All of our estimates are free! We want you to feel comfortable with our company and make sure that we have the correct pricing for the job at hand.

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