The 6 Benefits of Using A Carpet Protector

June 12, 2018

Because replacing carpeting in your office or home will be expensive, it is important for you to maintain your carpet and protect it as much as you can. One of the best ways to protect your carpet is through regular cleaning and applying carpet protector.

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1. Durability
A proper application of scotch guard carpet protector will extend the life of your carpet. After you have had your carpets professionally cleaned is when you should have the carpet protection applied. It will help the fibers in your carpet to repel dirt, water, mold, and bacteria better.


2. Easier to clean
Dry soil, acid dyes, and liquid spills can damage your carpet. Soil and salt during winter months can quickly ruin your carpet’s appearance. It is a lot easier to clean up dry soil than mud, salt or other pollutants that get tracked in during rainy or winter conditions.

Acid dyes are found in certain types of foods or drinks and can easily stain your carpets when they are not treated with a stain protector. The stains easily penetrate the surface and get deep into the fibers, which can be very difficult to remove.

Grease, oil, and tar are other types of pollutants that affect the carpeting in your home or office. A proper application of carpet protector like a scotch guard can make removing these stain much easier because they won’t penetrate deep into the fibers.

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3. Improves appearance
Your carpets are walked on every day and depending on the amount of traffic in certain areas; it won’t take long for them to look dingy. Carpet protector helps to prevent stains from getting into the carpet which will prevent you from having to clean them more often. This treatment also affects the appearance of your carpet by keeping them looking great longer.


4. Prevents odors
Spills and stains can leave odors in your carpet depending on what was spilled. If it is a drink or food, then it will get into the fibers and rot or mold, thus expelling a foul odor from your carpet.

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5. Improves air quality
Air quality is a huge factor when indoors, especially during the winter months. You can spend anywhere from 70% to 90% of your time indoors in New England during the winter months, and this is where proper cleaning and protecting your carpets have a significant impact on your health. It repels stains, allergens, dirt, dust and helps to make your room smell better.


6. Cost-effective
The cost of getting a new carpet every 5-10 years because of high traffic and no carpet protection in place can be very expensive and affect the bottom line of your business. Even if you have a carpet protector, it is still essential to have your carpets professionally cleaned 2-4 times per year to maintain the warranty and keep them looking their best. Regular maintenance will increase the life of the carpet and reduce your cost in the long run.

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