The Battle for a Clean Restroom: Professional Bathroom Cleaning Tips

June 23, 2017

In a business environment, it’s not cool to talk about sensitive topics – like dirty bathrooms. Right? Not really. Because if you carefully listen to the buzz around the workplace, the one topic that offends most, is a dirty restroom. No one likes filth. On the contrary, having clean restrooms in the workplace can affect both health and employee morale – a win in both cases. And sorry, this is not a battle between the sexes! Both men’s and women’s restrooms need the same caliber of cleaning. Professional cleaning and good bathroom conduct should be talked about. So let’s talk about some professional bathroom cleaning tips you can use:

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Unisex Bathroom: Keeping it Clean
Whether you are a male or female, the bathroom can be an unclean place regardless of how well kept it is. If you are sharing a bathroom that is shared with co-workers than you will want to show courtesy for both sexes. Before you leave the bathroom make sure you flush the toilet before you leave. Try to avoid clogging the toilet with too much toilet paper, sanitary napkins, or tampons. Keeping in mind that this unisex bathroom should be kept professionally clean by the employees after use during business hours.


Splashing in the Washrooms
According to the statistics given by the Green in Hygiene, the number two driving reason for individuals hurting themselves is slipping and falling. How could we stay away from this type of injury? Try not to splash water on the bathroom floor after you wash your hands. Don’t shake your wet hands just wipe them with a napkin or use the air blower provided. This will help to reduce injuries in the workplace restroom and help to reduce the spread of germs.


Wash Your Hands
Everyone learned at a young age the proper etiquette of “washing your hands” after you go to the bathroom. Why is this so important though? All of us have observed how some people do and some don’t when they are done with the potty.  The CDC says that washing your hands helps to prevent the spread of germs and infections. All of us frequently touch our eyes, nose, mouth and face all day long. Germs from unwashed hands, especially after going to the bathroom can be easily transmitted into our bodies. Gross huh! So the next time you go to the bathroom, wash your hands thoroughly with soap and hot water. Don’t be one of the 2.2 million each year who get an infection from not washing your hands.


Don’t Use Your Cell Phone
Of all the professional bathroom cleaning tips, this is the one often missed. Yes, technology is great, and everyone seems to be in the loop with hands-free blue tooth technology. But when you use your phone in the restroom, you’re drawing a line: You’re going to annoy those people in the bathroom with you. It also creates ackwardness between you the other people in the bathroom. You don’t know if that person is talking to you or not when you are on the phone. If it’s a private bathroom, you may forget your sense of time and put pressure on those who may be waiting for the bathroom. So, as common courtesy don’t take cell phone calls in the bathroom.


Importance of Cleanliness
Even though men’s and women’s bathrooms may appear clean, microorganisms are invisble to the human eye. Microorganisms cause mold that we inhale. Mold can start off as fungal spores and develop into a visible mold that can hide in exhaust fans and unseen areas. You also have to deal with enteric pathogens are spread by fecal-oral transmission. Having a bathroom professionally cleaned through a commercial cleaning company is necessary for getting rid of microbes and other micro bacteria is essential to keeping the workplace sanitary.


Key Take-a-ways:
Now that you have a better understanding of proper workplace etiquette you will be able to keep other employees in mind when using the bathroom. Here are some key take-a-ways on staying professionally clean and healthy after using the restroom.

1.    Don’t spend more time than really needed.

2.    Don’t share your bathroom experience, it’s just not polite.

3.    Wash your hands every time after going.

4.    Don’t use to much toilet paper (clog the toilet).

5.    Dispose of your feminine products in the trash not the toilet.

6.    Don’t take the newspaper with you (there are other waiting).

7.    Don’t pee on the seat! No one likes to see that.

8.    Don’t flush with your foot, you are just spreading more germs.

9.    No laughing at other people, (really, everyone poops!) Just get in and out.

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