The Best House Cleaning Trick For Your Ceiling Fan

June 21, 2017

As I lay there staring at the ceiling fan and the thought of dust bunnies, fear of heights and flying dirt around my room, the thought of cleaning the ceiling fan seemed like a nightmare! Is this you? House cleaning, in general, can be scary, but cleaning the ceiling fan can be daunting for some. Don’t worry though, here are a couple tricks from the pros that’ll make cleaning that fan a simple task.


The Pillowcase Trick

Performance Janitorial Cleaning Services

This trick has been around for a while but works great to clean the dust bunnies off your fan.

  1. Get a pillowcase you don’t mind getting dirty.
  2. Next get a spray bottle and fill with white vinegar and water.
  3. Spray the inside of the pillowcase with the vinegar spray.
  4. Carefully get a ladder and slip the pillowcase over each blade on your fan.
  5. Wiping it towards you with the damp pillowcase will trap the dust and allow it to fall inside the pillowcase instead of onto the floor or bed.
  6. Move to the next fan blade and repeat.

Next method…..

The Fan Duster

Performance Janitorial Cleaning Services

According to, the Fuller Brush Fan Duster is a real game changer for people in the cleaning industry. This tool is made from a special blend of wool and Acrylic yarns. It slides onto the fan blade and stays in place. Professional cleaners use it to cleans fans, walls, door tops and woodwork that is in hard to reach places.

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