The Best Tips For Killing Bed Bugs In Your House

June 29, 2018

Two of the most popular methods for getting rid of bed bugs is with chemicals and heat. These two methods can be very effective in killing bed bugs. The first thing to do before you go through an eradication protocol of killing bed bugs is to identify that you have bed bugs. Here’s a quick guide.

Great, now that you have identified that you really do have bed bugs, it’s time to get rid of them. Remember when you are treating your home for bed bugs with chemicals, they are poisonous and can find their way into the ground, air, and water. This can pose a serious health hazard to people and pets.

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Don’t Panic!

It can be challenging to kill bed bugs, but it is not impossible. Don’t start throwing all your things out. Most things in your house can be treated for bed bugs. If you do throw things out, you could accidentally spread the bed bugs to someone else’s house.


Don’t react quickly or hastily

Think about a comprehensive approach to removing bed bugs instead of just reaching for a can of spray. Think about using an IPM (integrated pest management) solution instead of chemicals. If you still can’t get rid of them, then get some pesticides. Always make sure you follow the label directions when using pesticides. Here are some tips to help you get started.


They Love To Hide!

Do you have a cluttered home? If so, you could be making your more inviting to bed bugs and other critters. A cluttered home makes it harder to treat for bed bugs and other bugs. If you have bed bugs in your mattress, get a mattress cover that seals it up and prevents them from crawling out at night. Don’t’ take it off for a year.


Clean The Hamper

Bed bugs love to hide anywhere they can. You put dirty clothes in the hamper daily. How often do you wash your hamper? This is a great place for them to hide and camp out as you prepare your assault.


Don’t Freeze Them

While freezing them may kill bed bugs, but that is a big if statement. If your freezer is not cold enough, the it won’t kill the bed bugs. This is not the most reliable method of getting rid of bed bugs.


Heat Kills

Raising the heat in your house won’t kill the little buggers. In order to kill the bed bugs, their body temperature needs to reach 113° F. You will need specialized equipment to use heat safely and properly to kill bed bugs.

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