Upper Valley Cleaning Services: Residential vs Commercial

October 28, 2018

If you need help cleaning and maintaining the buildings in your facility in the Upper Valley, make sure that you are shopping around for the right services. A residential cleaning company won’t be the right fit for your commercial needs. You may be surprised to learn that there are many meaningful differences between residential and commercial cleaning services. Learn more about the differences and what to look for in a reputable cleaning company.

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Scheduling Service
Typically, residential cleaning appointments are arranged around your schedule. A lot of customers like to have their house cleaned while they are at work so that they can come home to a clean and peaceful environment. However, daytime appointments simply won’t work for more commercial buildings. During business hours, employees, customers, and visitors are constantly coming and going, which is why commercial cleaning services take place at night when buildings are empty and can be thoroughly cleaned.


Most residential cleaners expect payment the day of service. Commercial accounts are typically much larger and are billed on a monthly basis. For businesses, this makes it easier to budget their maintenance costs and set up automatic payments.


Personalized Vs. General
When you have your residence cleaned, you will probably include specific instructions about what should be dusted and what you would like done, which can vary from week to week. Cleaners will pay attention to details and do the more deep cleaning that may not happen on a daily basis. On the other hand, commercial cleaners are responsible for a more general cleaning. They typically have much more space to tackle, and they are more focused on cleaning dirt from foot traffic and keeping buildings presentable to the public.


Luxury Vs. Necessity
Those who can afford to invest in residential cleaning services will experience a variety of benefits. Not only will they have more free time, but they will also enjoy a cleaner home that is better for their health, and the constant care will prolong the life of their possessions. For many people, these benefits are well worth the cost, but residential cleaning is still a luxury that not everyone can afford.

Upkeep and commercial cleaning services for public buildings is an absolute necessity. It keeps visitors and employees safe and healthy and allows you to maintain a pleasant appearance. Customers will quickly form an impression of your business simply based on the quality of your facilities. The success of your business can be affected by the quality of your commercial cleaning services.


Cleaning Tools
Depending on your building, marble floors large glass surfaces and countertops may require special machines, tools, and cleaners to tackle hard to reach areas and sensitive materials effectively. A commercial cleaner will have the equipment and experience necessary to tackle the challenges that come with cleaning large spaces.

Residential cleaning services can usually get away with using household cleaners and devices. They don’t have to worry about scaling several stories or using commercial grade polishes to shine floors.


Whether you are looking for residential or commercial cleaning services, you may want to ask about “green” products. Any reputable Upper Valley cleaning services company will offer the option of using environmentally friendly products that may also protect residents and visitors from the effects or harmful chemicals.

As you shop around for cleaning services, make sure that you are looking at companies that can meet your needs. Residential service is significantly different than a commercial cleaning service and may won’t be able to offer the same options to address the unique demands of a commercial building. Doing your homework can mean getting the job done right.

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