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November 7, 2020

It’s fairly common for occupants of a home or office building to ignore the flooring or carpeting beneath their feet. In fact, under normal circumstances, the only time people really notice carpeting is when it is stained, damaged, or smelly (from pet odors, for instance). There are, however, some definite advantages to paying more attention to carpeting and having carpets thoroughly cleaned on a regular basis by professional carpet deodorizing services. Some of those benefits are discussed below.

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Health benefits
You might be surprised to learn that there are actually health benefits that can accrue to individuals and businesses who make a habit of regular carpet-cleaning. At various times of the year, notably the springtime, there are hordes of airborne agents like pollen which drift in through open doors and windows and settle into carpets. These particles become trapped in the carpet fibers, along with pollutants, dust mites, mildew, fungi, mold, and other allergens, where they remain and cause respiratory problems for occupants.

The only sure way to remove all these particles is by hiring a professional carpet deodorizing service to perform a deep-cleaning process, which generally includes the use of high-powered vacuums and specially formulated shampoos that kill bacteria. Simple vacuuming will remove dirt and debris on the surface of a carpet, but will not necessarily penetrate to the deeper fibers where airborne agents and pollutants have come to settle. If those harmful particles are not removed, they can exacerbate any health problems that occupants might have, for instance, asthma, allergies, and other respiratory issues.

Clean and odor-free
A carpet that is clean and free of odors makes a great first impression for visitors to a business office, and sometimes those impressions are extremely important. The same thing is true for homeowners, in the sense that any friends or relatives visiting your home are sure to be favorably impressed by a clean and fresh-smelling carpet, and somewhat put off by a carpet that is just the opposite.

Over time, carpets can easily become dirty and faded from the many particles that settle on their surfaces, and they can become musty or smelly from the presence of molds or pet urine. Those smells literally become part of the carpet unless they are removed by a professional carpet deodorizing service that can shampoo away from the foul odors and leave the carpet with a fresh smell that is not only very pleasant but much more healthy for people’s lungs.

Carpet protection
Not to be overlooked in the justifications for a clean carpet is the life of the carpet itself. Regular cleaning by a professional carpet deodorizing service helps to extend the life of the carpet by removing things that would otherwise be ground in by traffic and would act to degrade the carpet. Keep in mind that every time someone walks on a dirty carpet, they are grinding in material that is tearing away at the fabric of the rug, which means it is being made weaker, and its life is being shortened. Granted, this is not an overnight process, but over a period of time it goes on every day right under your feet – where your attention seldom wanders.

A thorough cleaning by a professional carpet deodorizing service also helps your carpet to resist liquid spills, stains, and everyday wear by leaving a protective coating on it. This in turn, adds to the longevity of your carpet and increases the length of time between costly replacements of your flooring. In short, from any perspective you look at it, professional carpet cleaning simply makes great sense.

Keep it  clean!
A fresh, clean carpet in the office or in any room of your house will seldom actually become the center of attention for visitors and guests – but a dirty, smelly carpet will definitely be noticed!

Remember that regular carpet cleaning:

  • removes pollen and other particles that worsen respiratory problems
  • penetrates into deeper fibers to get hard-to-remove pollutants
  • cleans off layers of dirt and grime to make it look new
  • eliminates pet odors and other smells, then sanitizes
  • extends the life of the carpet itself, leaving a protective coating in place
  • in the long run, saves money with fewer carpet replacements

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