Upper Valley School Cleaning Avoids Pesky Germs

December 6, 2017

Dirty schools may be to blame the next time your child comes home with a stomach ace or fever. Between poor cleaning practices and germ-infested surfaces each day, it’s no wonder that schools are a breeding ground for the cold and flu. Upper Valley School Cleaning services that sanitize and disinfect surfaces may be the answer.

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Nearly two-thirds of adults that were surveyed believe that schools today lack cleanliness and that leads to kids getting sick according to a study by theUniversity of Utah School of Medicine. 

They also found that people that live in homes without children a sick three out of four weeks per each calendar year. Families with children in the home makes that number jump up to eighteen weeks out of the year. The more children, the more possibility of germs like the cold and flu of spreading.

With all of that said about schools, it seems like it would be impossible for students today to escape the germs no what they did. Here are the places that are found to be the dirtiest in schools:

  • Bathrooms 39%
  • Classrooms 24%
  • Cafeterias 17%
  • Nurses Office 6%
  • Gymnasium 14%

There are many surfaces in a school that may be overlooked, that escape a custodians attention where germs breed happily. Here are those most common areas:

  • Door handles 38%
  • Water fountains 17%
  • Stairway railings 17%
  • Desks 12%
  • School supplies 8%
  • Toilets 8%

Most people think that the toilet is the biggest culprit in spreading germs. That is not typically true because the toilet is one of the first places to be cleaned. The door handle is one of the most overlooked spots in commercial buildings.

The first line of defense that a student has during the day is to wash their hands with soap and water. If there is no soap available, then hand sanitizer is the next best thing. You should wash your hands 4 to 5 times per day, and you go about your day touching things.

According to the CDC, about 55 million students and 7 million staff attend more than 130,000 public and private schools in the United States. While students may not be able to escape the spread of germs schools can implement better cleaning practices and/or hire an outside company that specializes in Upper Valley school cleaning.

When you are starting to address germs in the school, you will need to understand the difference between cleaning and disinfecting and sanitizing. Focusing on disinfecting and sanitizing the major surfaces in your school that are considered hot zones will dramatically help to reduce the spread of germs like the flu and other illnesses.

On a final note, pay extra special attention to door handles at entryways, bathrooms, and classrooms, these are common hot zones that often get overlooked. The flu can last up to approximately 24 hours on a surface like this.

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