[Vegan] Plant Based Cleaner Run Down

March 30, 2022

A while ago we wrote an article about “plant-based” cleaners. This article is part 2 in the green cleaning series. Many consumers today are fed up with chemicals in everything we touch today. This consumer demand has fueled a rapidly growing industry of “plant-based” cleaners. Here’s what we found for plant-based cleaners: 

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Vitacost makes a vast array of products focused on being green and reducing the need for chemicals in everything. They have the “Clean Collection.” 

This collection consists of a glass cleaner, laundry soap, all-purpose cleaner and a dish soap. Beyond the plant based products, they also have products that are BPA free, Fragrance-free and Paraben Free. 

Better Life

Better life makes a variety of plant based cleaners. Understanding that many harsh chemical cleaners leave a residue on the floor that can potentially harm their children and pet-inspired them to create these products. They leave out all the elements that would trigger allergies like dyes, perfumes, parabens, ammonia, bleach, chlorine, ethers, chloroform and many other harsh chemicals. What they do put in are 100% plant based elements like coconut, corn, and soap bark. The scents come from natural botanical extracts. In the end what you get are great products that are safe around the home and excellent for cleaning. 


These are people that understand the typical everyday person that has to clean around the home. They are dedicated to creating naturally-derived products that also look beautiful. This company has a unique approach to packaging because most cleaning products have boring and sterile packaging. While they are not completely plant based, they are 98% plant based and are very focused on creating products that are biodegradable. 

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Common Good

Located in the Brooklyn, NY this U.S. based company was founded while recycling and striving to clean up the local neighborhood. They develop green, biodegradable formulas are safe around children and pets. They use a range of reusable plastic and glass containers can be refilled around the world. This company has a unique approach towards cleaning products and minimizing environmental impact. Their products have a simple, clean design but are effective cleaners. 

The Good Home Co. 

Started in 1995 this company uses 100% vegan (plant) based products to create their cleaners. They use the same oils that you would see in aromatherapy products. They are of the highest quality and add some beautiful scents to the cleaners. Some of their feature scents are lavender, pure grass, beach days, summer cottage lemon, Verbena, and Italian citrus. They have products for almost every category of cleaning that you can think of. Some of the categories are: 

  • Laundry Cleaners
  • General purpose cleaners
  • Bath and body
  • Home therapies
  • Air fragrance


This group of people are way off the map when you think of cleaning companies. They are passionate about two things which drive them to create high-quality products for pets and people. Their two biggest areas of focus that they support are breast cancer and rescuing dogs. Zum is their cleaning line and are all 100% plant-based (vegan). Some of their cleaners are: 

  • The zum bar
  • Zum kiss
  • Zumbo kiss
  • Zum rub
  • Zum glo
  • Zum bum
  • Zum clean laundry soap
  • Zum clean granite and counter cleaner

There are many more products that you will have to check out for yourself. They have a great story and are a fun group of people dedicate to the causes they are passionate about. 

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