What Not To Use The Magic Eraser On In Your Home

September 12, 2018

Everyone has heard of the magic eraser for cleaning by Mr. Clean. They are amazing little foam pads that clean almost anything off a surface. They are also known as (melamine foam) can people use them to clean everything from shoes to countertops. They are designed to be used on hard to clean surfaces.

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There are some ways and things that you don’t want to use them on as it may damage the surface. Here are the most common tips for using a magic eraser.

1 DON’T use them without water!
Part of the magic in the magic eraser is to add water. Without water to activate them, these little pads are super abrasive and can damage surfaces.

2 DON’T use them on your car or highly polished painted surfaces.
These pads are great for cleaning, but they do act like super fine sandpaper. Once you get them wet, they have the same abrasiveness of 3,000 grit sandpaper. You should never use these on your car paint job or any other surface that has a super glossy finish, it will scratch the surface.

3 DON’T use them without gloves.
Because melamine foam can remove scuff marks, etc. from almost any surface, these little pads pack a punch. They can also burn your skin when used for a prolonged period. Use gloves when handling the magic eraser.

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4 DON’T use them on non-stick pots and pans.
Even though these little white magic erasers look like your standard foam dish pad, they are not the same. They employ heavy duty cleaners to get rid of dirt and stains. This magic eraser will scratch the surface of your pots and pans and release chemicals that may coat your pan and get on your food.

5 DON’T try to brighten your steel pots and pans.
It is best to avoid using these pads to brighten your pots and pans as too much scrubbing on them with an abrasive material can dull the finish. This scrubbing will result in breaking down the patina and making them look worn. If that is the look you are going for is an aged, scratched surface, then this would work well.

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